23 June 2011

Where does . . .

 . . . the time go to?

Or more so, where has the time gone?  It has been several weeks since I have blogged, and although a couple of times in the past week I have logged on to try to catch up with reading some of the blogs I follow, there hasn't been any time to blog . . .or indeed the inspiration to.

Taking time out for the holiday didn't help, I had hoped to have wifi in the villa except there wasn't any, so my chance to sit and write late in the evenings wasn't there . . . still, the holiday was fabulous and I have been bitten by the New York bug.  Someone said to me, that it is a place you will either love, or hate.  But I love it.  And that is an understatement.

The days mini man and I spent in New York were packed and busy, a bit like the city itself, but we also had some incredibly wonderful moments, and managed to get some wonderful pictures.  I have a thing about sunsets (you may recall an earlier blog where I included some pictures that I had taken, a last sunset that was shared . . .) but the night that we sailed out into the harbour from Manhattan and saw the sun set behind the Statue of Liberty was just beautiful. 

The photo above is one of many that we took, seeing the Manhattan Skyline, Brooklyn, New Jersey and the Statue in daylight, at sunset and at night.  Pictures will never do this place justice . . .just as seeing it in reality when you've only seen it in pictures is just breathtaking.  Although I have to say, another thing that was breath taking was the climb up to her crown which we did later in the holiday . . .talk about torture! lol

We had great fun up the Empire State and there's certainly something magical about going up there for the first time.  We were blessed with clear skies and could see for miles and miles . . .what a view! 

We had a great time watching the baseball, and a wonderful afternoon in Central Park (how I loved that place . . . .) a show on Broadway, a most wonderful bagel (which certainly do not taste the same back here!) and simply the most beautiful weather we could have asked for. 

I LOVE New York!

Although we then spent 10 days in Orlando, and we did have a good time, nothing came close to our New York experience and we are already talking about hoping to go back soon.  Maybe next year . . .maybe earlier. 

Who knows?

I've received some messages and comments about my lack of blogging . . .it is nice to be missed :D

But the holiday has been the real reason why, catching up since I've gotten home has been another . . .and a lack of inspiration right now has been another reason . . . but still . . .slowly getting back into "life" at home . . .maybe the blogging will be next.

I just need some inspiration . . .