12 January 2011

Taking his virgin arse!


This picture is hot!

Plugs are hot!

Anything "anal" is HOT!!!

HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!


The thought of this picture, the thought of doing this to the boy turns me on!!

It stirs feelings deep in the pit of my stomach. 

It makes me wet.

When I think that I will be the first one to break the boy in this way, it makes those feelings all the more felt!!!

Now, it probably doesn't come as any surprise from previous writings, just how much I LOVE anything "anal". 

From anal torture, to rimming, to fisting, to fucking!

Giving, receiving.

I LOVE it all.

So, this is one of the things that I cannot wait to do with the boy.

Especially as the boy is a total anal virgin *evil grin*.  What has he been missing all of this time!!!  And while it will not be me rimming he will be! lol

Just before Christmas the boy visited a fetish shop where he bought (with my permission!) a red small plug. 

Looking at it, it actually isn't that small, but, it is smaller than one I would have bought if I had been in the shop at the same time.  Because for me, where anal is concerned size DOES matter!

There is something about that feeling of being filled, and when you are filled of just how darn fucking good that can feel.  To be left with that feeling of being totally used, used and abused. 

And, I am (and yes still am!) looking forward to the first time when that plug will be placed into the boys arse.  I have always maintained that when that time comes and we can finally get that time in the same place, that it will be one of the first things that happen.

A moment, or maybe a long moment to inspect the boy, (knowing just how humiliating such an inspection can be), of making him go on all fours, displaying his virgin arse for all to see, but for me to plug.

And plug it I will. 

A part of me wants to push him down onto the floor, and hear his screams as the plug gets pushed right the way in, no care, no preparation.  But I also know that such things isn't the best way to go.  Yes it may be something that I have experienced in the past (and loved for the record lol) but I am fully aware that well, its not always the way to go.

But, lets just say the boy will certainly know it is there, it's a shame its not a bigger one, as I would love to hear the boy whimper and cry as his arse is filled and stretched.  Still there is plenty of time for that to happen.

One day I know that will happen.

Whether he be filled with plugs, with my fist, or with another mans cock!

Then he will know how it feels to be stretched and filled.

He will know just how different and exquisite the pain from being used in that way can feel.

He will know how it feels to be used and fucked.

But more so, and something that is HUGELY appealing to me, is that I am going to be the one to break his virgin arse in. 

What a wonderful pleasure and delight that will be!

I am so lucky!


  1. Hi Top Kat,


    This blog is hot!

    Plugs are hot! - I agree!

    Anything "anal" is HOT!!! - I agree!

    HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!


    Is there really no spare plug for my 29yr old virgin ass? It's in shape ;-)

    Northern Sub, x

  2. Northern Sub,

    Thank you for your compliments, I am glad my blog is hot! *smiles*

    There is always a spare plug somewhere! Plugs are excellent for extended wear, but I do like "bigger" things! Which I know will make the boys heart race at the thought, but, size is everything when it comes to anal play!

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

    Regards, Kat x

  3. such a delicious read x

  4. Delicious reality too! :)

    Kat x

  5. wow totaly agree anything anal is soooo hot love to be fisted so deep the bigger the better when it comes to anal

  6. As I read somewhere, in words of a woman:

    “I can’t promise it won’t hurt, but I can promise you won't forget”