26 January 2011

head . . bang . . .wall . . .!

The boy, has a habit of asking questions.

And that is fine, in the right way, at the right time, the boy can ask whatever he likes.  He knows that if there's something he wishes to ask specifically that he will ask permission to ask a question.

But sometimes . . . sometimes you are just left wondering why he has just asked the same question for the 10th time!  Or, why has he just asked the question that he has . . .

I can sometimes sit here and literally shake my head in disbelief at him asking the same question he's asked before again. Or asking a question which really is beyond silly.  Sometimes it can be just like a child who doesn't realise they have asked it before, or that they have, but the answer just hasn't sunk in!

The boy has been given a written task for his most recent punishment, fitting for the reason he was given, especially as the boy had been expecting to be on the receiving end of some pain or similar just as he had been before.  But no, the boy is completing a written task about a certain punishment that he will then be on the receiving end at the end of the time limit for the task.

He was given plenty of opportunity to ask questions, whatever ones he needed to so that he understood what has been asked of him, of what he is to do.

I wondered at the time how long it would be until he began asking questions, I knew in all honesty it wouldn't be long. 

It wasn't. 

It was 48 hours.

Sometimes I wonder if the boy takes in the things that he is told or asked to do.  He is well aware of the fact I like detail, I like things done properly and would expect nothing less, and I am happy to answer questions he may ask, but when I gave him the time to do so, and made sure he had no other questions. 

It is quite literally like banging your head against a brick wall and well, a little frustrating at times!

But even then, when he was asking the question, he kept insisting that I had said something about how to do it, when I hadn't at all.  And I kept saying to him that I didn't say that, and it was like it wasn't even entering into his head!

The boy, will learn to listen to instructions, to take it in, to make notes if necessary.  He will also learn, that his asking questions when he was given the earlier opportunity will not help him, in fact, will only add to the planned punishment that he is facing at the end of the written task.

The boy will learn. 

It may be the hard way, but he will get there in the end.

But I felt like banging my head against the brick wall when last nights questions came. 

Even to the point where only a couple of hours earlier he commented that he had read my blog and wouldn't be asking that question again . . .only to then, be asking the same question but with different words a short time later.

Now where is that wall? 

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