21 April 2016


My heart, my soul, my depth of me
longs for you.

This unchangeable reality of distance
agonized me.

To see, to touch, to embrace you
beckons me.

A yearning to know, to comprehend
who you are.

Though, through the woe of want and time,
I feel the passion of my Divine
saturate me.

I have discovered an illusion of
sorrow and joy.

Sorrow for the loss,
Joy for knowing why.

20 April 2016

9 months . . .

I've been MIA for 9 months.  And how ironic that the last post I made was talking about life passing by in a blur! 

It does.

It has.

I blogged back then That big changes were on the horizon. That I needed to make them. 

And during the time I have been away, big changes HAVE happened.  

The changes I talked about being needed, have happened.  Some other changes too for that matter, but life is very different now, there's been ongoing changes for the better since last July.  Huge. Positive. Changes.

There's also been some crap, some ongoing health issues which I'd been battling for a year.  Throw in 4 surgeries due to complications in a very short period of time, time in and out of hospital with nothing to do but reflect when stuck in a hospital bed and things have changed. 

But life still passes by in a blur.

And we quickly storm into a new year and yet already we are over a quarter of the way into it.  And still the changes happen, still the continue to come into play.  Some of them have been on the back burner, but one by one those changes are changing life, they come off the back burner and are put into place.  Changes. Changing my life. And it's all for the better.

And.  It's good to be back!