15 January 2011

I need to . . .

A very late night.

A few hours sleep.

A nightime text conversation with someone from the past brings thoughts to the surface, memories of things from the past.

"Vanilla times".

Yet none of the times of mine in the past were or have ever really been "vanilla".  Not D/s. Not S&M, but certainly not vanilla either.

Vanilla maybe with adventure. 

Adventurous sex, adventurous fucking.  Dirty sex. Animalistic sex.  Lots of it. But certainly LOTS of kink.

Memories of the first "date", the long lingering eye contact over the drink, neither of us wanting to be there, knowing what was to come the moment we would get home.  But not actually waiting until we got home!

Memories of that first time, the first kiss, the first fuck.  The first time that he forced his wonderfully large circumcised cock deep into my arse.  The first time I took him deep into my mouth and down into my throat. The first time he filled me with his cum, the first time I forced his head down between my legs to lick it all out.  The first time he pulled my hair. The first time I pulled his.  The first time he spanked me.  The first time I tortured his cock.  The first time he fisted my cunt.

Lots of wonderful, downright fucking horny memories.


I needed to cum.

I needed a release, a nice deep, orgasm!  

Where is the boy when I need him?!

Too far away to be able to do anything about it.  I sent him a text, telling him to edge for 10 minutes. I wanted the boy aroused, I wanted the boy frustrated, I wanted the boy to be on the edge when I called him.

He edged. He told me he had finished.

I call.

Hear his voice, his sighs, his frustrations. 

And fuck it makes me horny all over again, I want that first time all over again, the first kiss, the first fuck, I want to feel his tongue deep in my arse. I need to cum.

The boy knows what I am about to do. He knows. I know.

I play, while we talk.

The large vibrator deep into my cunt that has been getting decidedly more wet all morning. 

The smaller one deep into the arse where I want to feel the boys tongue.  Another one on my clit that is hard and throbbing.  Yes I am greedy. I don't care.

And the boys frustration is heard and felt.

I don't care about that either.  

I know how much I tease him, I know how much it frustrates him, but I know how much he loves to hear it, I know how it makes him feel and it makes me want to do it all of the more. 

And I want to cum.

And fuck I am horny, and fuck I am wet.

And fuck I need to cum.

And I hear him sigh, I hear his frustrations and I am talking to the boy, using him for my own pleasure even from a distance, using him to make me cum, knowing that he cannot, knowing that it will just add to the frustrations he has already told me are beyond what he has ever known.

And I do.

I cum.

The juices shooting out over the vibrator that is deep within my cunt.

And I needed that.  

We lose connection.

But, I've got what I wanted.  I used the boy in the way that I needed.  The boy still remains denied.

I feel better for that.

Does he? Probably not.

Do I care? No.

This "phone thing" has never really been my thing. But I like it at the moment.  I like that I can torment him in this way, when I need to, when I want to. That I can use him in this way.

After all, that is what he is there for.

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