17 May 2011

No time . . .

I hate that there has been no time to write. No time to blog. No time to do anything of late. 

Getting everything sorted ahead of mini man and my trip to New York and Orlando next week has left little time for anything else, work has been busy, days have been busy and although there are a million and more blog entries buzzing around in my head, I haven't had chance to get anything down. 

It is frustrating.

Still, I will be going away armed with netbook next week, so if I do get chance to write, then I can.  As it is, there will be over 7 hours on the plane so, that may be a chance to get some things down . . .maybe. 

So, it's not good when there's nothing new to read.  It's not good when I don't have time to write.  I miss it. In many ways.  But sometimes, as with everything, "life" gets in the way.  That is the reality.  That is even the reality with Ds, with FLRs with whatever relationship anyone may have.  Reality happens. Reality needs to be dealt with.  We can't just avoid it. 

But it will pass.



1 comment:

  1. I hope you and your Mini Man have a truly wonderful holiday Kat, I am sure you will.

    I shall of course be keeping an eye on here whilst you are away just in case you get chance to write!!

    I will be thinking of you with great envy!

    Chris x