07 September 2011

Time flies . .

And I don't know where to at times.

Days seem to roll into weeks, weeks into months all too quickly.  And before you know it, the end of another year is already in sight, the changing of another season, the start of another school year.  The approaching of another birthday of both myself and mini man, is another reminder of just how quickly life can pass.

The holiday of last week already seems like a distant memory, (don't you just hate it when that happens!) but we have come back to the full onslaught of mini man's new school year, the start of his sporting season, getting back to work.  The whole daily routine of the "daily grind" but I have come back this time with a head full of thoughts, of ideas, of things I want to do, to change, to happen.

The trip away was lovely though. 

Blessed by good weather, time spent with mini man and the dogs, walking along the beach early in the morning, late in the evening. Watching the sun rise over the sand dunes, watching it set over the sea. A chance to take some wonderful pics (and I do love my sunset pics!) and a chance to relax, to write, to unwind, to think and to reflect.

I don't know about anyone else, but the passing of the time, at the speed it passes makes me stop and think.  Think about things (and people) from the past, from the present and thoughts for the future. 

Many different things have happened recently which have made me stop and think even more.  They have made me look upon my own situation, of where I am in life and to see the things that I want to change, need to change, as well as the things that I hope or want, or need to be different.

Thoughts about things that have been, things happening now, things and thoughts for the future.  Not all of the thoughts have been good.  Not all of the thoughts have been about positive things.  Some of them have been tinged with sadness, touched by the "what if's"; thought about but let go. But thought about just the same.

The holiday of last week, a time of relaxing and just taking a break certainly gave us that break, we had fun, the dogs enjoyed it too (their first trip to the beach!) but it opened up the door to me for lots of time to sit, to think, to reflect ~ something that is often a rare commodity for me.  But as such, it has left me in a place of so many things to consider about the future. Some pretty big changes or what would be changes if I decide to go down certain paths.  It is now being able to be sure that the decisions I will make will be the right ones. Right for now, for the future and in all of the right ways. 

But serious decisions, need serious thought.  This is not a time for impulsive reactions. Not a time to make snap decisions about things which would be pretty life changing.

The break of the holiday did give me some chance to write, to ease the "bloggers block" that has been with me over recent weeks.  I even have some blog entries to add along with some of the pictures that I took while away.  I also took the time to write by hand, something I haven't done for a long while, but something which gives an opportunity for much deeper reflection.

Reflecting is good, thinking is good.  But I now have so many things to think about, and that can be hard.  It makes it hard to have a clear head to make the decision, to make sure it is the right decision.  I know that when I make them, it will be for the right reasons, only time can tell of course whether those decisions will ultimately be right.

I certainly have very clear ideas about some things certainly, others however are less clear.  But time brings clarity. I know I will have that soon!

God, I need a holiday!

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