11 October 2011

The first time . . .

I could sense the anticipation that was building up within your body, I could see the fear within your eyes even though you were looking away from me. 

Your body trembled, we weren't even close, our skin even barely touching.  I lean forward over you, leaning close into your ear as I whisper gently into it.

"You ready?" I asked.

You nod your head slowly.  

"I asked if you are ready"

"I . . .I think so . . ." you said in a broken whisper and I could tell that your mouth was dry.  That the fear you were feeling was preventing you from talking.

"Tell me. Tell me that you are ready. Tell me what you want.  Tell me what you need"  I urge you, wanting to hear the words from your mouth. Wanting to hear you plead and beg, and ask for what you wanted.

"I need. . . I want . . .I oh god, I need . . .need to be . . ."

"What do you need? You need to be what?" I asked gently, encouraging you to speak, to open up.  I know that making you say it out loud will only add to the humiliation that you're feeling right now.  That you are ashamed of wanting what you want . . .what you need . . .even more so admitting it.

"I want . . .and oh god I want to be fucked.  I need to be fucked."  you speak in the gentlest of whispers.

"How much do you need it? Tell me how much you want it."

"Please. Please I want it so badly.  I need it so much."

You are almost begging now through your words, the sense of urgency screaming from the gentlest of whispers.  The tone clearly showing me the pleading from within and clearly showing the need that you have.  But yet, you also know that in begging, it sparks off the beast within me. It makes me want to hurt you.

But right now, your body is trembling as I touch you, as I run my hands over your back.  You are naked. On all fours before me.  Your arms shifting occasionally as they are shaking and struggling to keep you in that position.

"Please. Please fuck me. I. Want. It. So. Badly.  I need. It. So. Much."

You have turned your head to look at me, so that you can show me the meaning behind your pleadings.  I look into the depths of your eye as a tear forms in the corner of your eye.

"Are you sure it is what you want?"

I know that you are begging, pleading, desiring it so much. But I need to be sure.  I need to know that it is truly want you want. Even though you say it is, I give you one last chance to change your mind.



"Yes. I want it so much. I need it so much.  Please? Please . . . " 

I stand away from you.

Watching the emotions seeping through your body.  The arousal of your cock betraying the desire that you have despite the fear in your eyes. 

And I turn and nod.

And he is stood behind you.

And he is pushing his cock into the entrance of your ass.

"Oh. My."

"Do you want to stop?" I ask, making sure that this is really what you want.

"No. God no. Don't stop.  I can feel it in me. . . .oh god . . .I can feel it going in me."

He starts to push his cock into your ass. You are gasping and sighing. Pleading and begging. Breathing and whimpering.  I am stood there watching him fucking you. 

"It's so big. Oh God. I need this so badly.  Please Sir, fuck me hard!"

And as I look at you pushing yourself back onto him. I look up at him and nod. Giving him the ok to do just what you asked for.

"Ok.  Fuck him.  Fuck him hard!"

And as I look down at you lost to the moment, that is exactly what he did.


  1. Damn that's hot, i'm sure as hell wishing it was me!


  2. Hello stranger!

    How nice of you to stop by, to read and comment. I am glad that you enjoyed it. And wishing it was you? LOL

    Hope life is treating you well!

    Kat x