19 April 2012


It seems to be a time when people think that there is something alluring or attractive of sending photos of themselves being naked on all fours with a gaping asshole.  Or nothing else but a semi erect pathetic looking cock . . .they seem to think that having such photos on their profiles is going to attract someone?

Hmmm . . . WTF?!

Why is it that people think these photos are attractive?

What is it about these photos that makes these males think that it is going to bring them to my notice?  Why oh why do people think that sending these photos is ok? 

It is neither attractive or nice.

In fact, there is nothing attractive, interesting or alluring in seeing a gaping asshole on the screen and I really wonder what goes through a persons mind that must make them think that it is ok to send them . . or are they really so daft or stupid enough to think that we are going to see theses picture and think "Oh my god, that is the sub for me?"

For me. It has the complete opposite effect.

I do NOT want to see such pictures attached to an introductory email or message.  

Why would anyone think that I, or indeed anyone else would?

I don't even think that these pictures have a place on a profile . . .yet . . .you go to the likes of CM, IC or Fetlife and there is profile after profile where the main picture is of a gaping asshole, a pathetic looking cock or even gaping cunts.

I don't know about anyone else, but I actually avoid a profile if it has a picture like that staring back at me.  It could be the best written profile, leading to the most perfect person, but for me, pictures like that just do not portray someone in the best kind of light.

There is a time and a place for such photos.  Sending them with an introductory email, sending them into my inbox, or attaching them to a profile isn't either!


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  1. i couldn't agree more Miss. Much prefer pics that leave something to the imagination after all the mind is the biggest sex organ anyway.