01 November 2012

The first day of November and a typical November morning at that.  Grey, cold and raining, not a day which makes you want to jump out of bed.

In fact, far from it.

Getting up to walk the dogs and heading off to work while the day was trying to break into some form of daylight was just not appealing.  The only thing I was thankful for was that I wasn't having to leave anyone else there . . .otherwise it would have made it indubitably harder to have left.

It is just one of those days where you just want to stay wrapped up in the warmth of the duvet, languishing as the day slowly ticks by.  A day where the minutes pass so slowly, a day where you just want to stay in bed and fuck to the sound of the rain against the window, or in tune to the thunderstorm as it passes overhead.

A day to kiss and cuddle, chat and laugh, drinking hot chocolate, dunking biscuits.

A day to lounge, to stay warm, getting up on a November morning is not my idea of fun. It's a day to spend it with you, a day for teasing, moments of gentle intimacy and tenderness.

It's a day to curl up and read a book or watch a movie, taking a break every so often just to fuck a little bit more.

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