26 November 2013


She could see the hesitation in his eyes. She could see the internal battle of submission raging inside of him.  

And this made her love him even more.

 She touched his face, bringing his eyes up to meet her own.  Did he know how beautiful his vulnerability made him? Did he not realise how quite beautiful he was when he stopped battling and simply allowed himself to be.  She bought him closer, guiding him to where she wanted him to be as he steadied himself on her knees.

Her hand reached into his hair,  a gentle strength touching him into his depths, into his heart.  She leans close to him, whispering in his ear.


It is all it took.  One simple word.

And in that simple word his world melted into hers.  He melted into being hers. His heart, his mind, his body, his soul.

He did not need any further encouragement.  He did not need forcing or pushing.  He bent lower, placing his mouth against the toe of her boot.  She heard him breathe deeply, the scent of leather mingled with the scent of dirt as a moan escaped his lips.  Her eyes darkened as she watched him, her pulse began to flutter as he melted into his place at her feet.  His battle of hesitation slowly slipping away, he was in his place, he was hers.

His tongue, darted from between his lips as he dragged it gently along the toe of her boot, moving back and forth, gentle laps against the leather.  His mind doing somersaults that matched the churning in his stomach. The deep arousal being felt by his body.  His hestiation seemingly gone, as his body drifted into his own space along with his mind.

She smiled down at him.  Knowing that the battle won was all the more sweeter. And for all of this, she simply loved him more.

He looked up at her.  A gently whisper escaping his lips.


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  1. Your all mine, you heard me right! I'm gonna shave and wax you tonite! Sorry sweetie, that's the way it's gonna be, stop making a fit, we're going to a costume masquerade party! Now the eyebrows? Stop being so temperamental, your going to be that adorable "Little Girl" Shirley temple! I'm sorry the frilly party dress will be very short, next your crinolines and those feminine ruffle panties, you cannot abort! Tights or anklets? What to do? We have your Mary- Jane shoes? Now some makeup has too be applied, I want you looking more like a little girl, than a guy? Your are small enough, maybe I'll make you carry a doll by your side! I have a feeling no body will no your a man or boy? That's ok, when I go too the ladies room so will you! Don't ya make a scene? I will lift up your prissy dress, drag you to the powder room, show off your lace-nylon trim panties with your Curley top hair style with pretty ribbons be a good little Missy and curtsy, I have a big hairbrush I will use, not on your girly-girl hair, but your heart-shape butt and panty lace underwear? So precious baby girl behave! Amanda.