28 May 2016

End of the tunnel . . .

I've been working on a seriously big project for over 4 weeks, although the past 4 weeks have seen working 90+ hour weeks, last weekend and into this week saw 3 days of no sleep.  

I've literally been living and breathing this project - it's been my baby.  And it has taken priority over a lot of things, not from choice, but because it has HAD to be that way.  Thankfully those close to me have been totally accepting of that and their support and putting up with my no sleep for 3 day self has been absolutely appreciated.

We were due to launch on Tuesday following a soft launch the previous Friday.  

Soft launch didn't happen due to tech issues, so we went straight into a hard launch, 5 hours later than planned on Tuesday.  

Cue another night of no sleep as I worked through the night to resolve all of the issues that we'd have resolved before had we been able to soft launch.

But hey, it's done.  

It's live.  

And it's an amazing feeling being able to sit back and see the finished project (or at least the front end project).  

The back end is a different story and issues way beyond my control has led to a few very frustrating days.  I HATE it when there are things that go wrong that I have no control over.  Oh let's be honest, I HATE not having control over things at least then if they go wrong, it's at my door.

The week has been frustrating.  

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.  

Some things have obviously stayed further back in that tunnel for whatever reason that is.  I have no idea why, and I'm not sure if I really even want to know.  If it was meant to be that they would be coming out of the tunnel this end too, then they would.  

I don't subscribe to everything happens for a reason train of thought.  

Things happen.  End of really.  

I have no wish or desire to disect why.  Maybe that says enough.

But there's light at the end of my tunnel and more so, that light is shining brightly, and is filling life with hope, with excitement, with intrigue and in a work sense a wonderful sense of achievement that a project on something so new to me has been so well received.  

And even though I am facing yet another further surgery in just over 4 weeks time, things are good.

It's all good!

Life is good!

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