10 November 2010

I want

I  want you kneeling before me so I can look into your eyes, I want to grab a fistful of your hair as I pull you closer to me, the fear in your eyes as you are uncertain what is to follow. I want to see you plead with your eyes, begging me without words, the pleading, longing looks. I want to hear your nervous laugh when I make a suggestion about doing something to you, followed by the change in your face as you realise that I am not joking. I want to leash you to my bed so that you are there when I awake, your kneeling beside the bed, reaching in to gently awaken me from my sleep. I want to use your mouth, to save me getting up to use the toilet, tilting your head back so as not to spill any drop that comes from me, watching you gag and choke the tears forming in your eyes as you don’t know how much more you can take. I want to feel you hug my legs as you sit beside me while I am on the sofa, leaning your head against my legs as I reach down to stroke your hair while I read or watch TV. I want to wait for you to go to sleep so I can awaken you to get me something that I could so easily have gotten myself, just because I can. I want you in chastity, the device making your heavily laden balls begging for release yet watching you suffer as I torture them even more. I want to watch your face as I twist them, squeeze them, making you suffer the pain that it creates, waiting for you to beg for a release that may or may not come. And if it does, I want you to be grateful for every time it may be granted, thanking me, yet knowing that you have earned that release through my torture of you. I want you to never know whether that release will ever be granted. I want to feel your tongue as you anally worship me, ordering you to extend your tongue deep into the depths of me. I want to make you bend down and kiss my feet in the supermarket when you accidentally step on my toe, watching the internal battles in your mind. I want to lie you on your back in the shower as I piss all over you, marking you as mine, and then make you stay like that while I shower myself clean, your lying in the dirty used water. I want to use you just because I can, not worrying about whether you liked it or not, but just because I did and because I can because you are mine to use. I want to hurt you to see if the pain that you take will be enough to make you cum. I want to drag my nails down the length of your back, watching you flinch as the skin begins to break and sting, you daring not to scream or to say it hurts knowing that I will do it even harder. I want to fill your arse with the biggest plug it will take so that you walk in a funny way, so I can smile and laugh as you walk away from me fearing its going to fall out knowing you will be punished if it does. I want you to kneel beside me as I eat dinner, you waiting for any food that I may think of giving you, feeding you from my fingers, scraping the scraps into a bowl that I place before you to eat. I want to force your mouth onto another mans cock, taking him deep into your mouth, knowing that this is so hard for you and yet you do this to please me. I want to see how much taking his cum into your mouth makes you gag and heave, yet knowing that you do this for me even though its far from what you want. I want to place my hands around your neck to see the fear in your eyes as you realise that I control the most basic of things in your ability to breath. I want to hurt you and torture you making you cry out, making you cry big fat tears and wipe them away as they fall down your reddened cheeks. I want to see you beg for release and just as you are about to cum to stop you, watching the desperation in your face knowing that you will not be able to stop however much you want to along with the panic in your eyes as you desperately fight it, knowing that if you don’t stop you will be punished. I want to sit on the sofa while on the phone, feeling your tongue against my clit not taking any notice of what you are doing. I want to be with you when you are busy, distracting you, seeing how far I can push you and then ask you why you haven’t gotten anything done. I want to see your face when you have done something wrong, I want to see just how sorry you are and how you show that to me, I want to hurt you until you cry and cannot take anymore. I want you to ask permission to get into bed beside me and then see your face when I order you to sleep on the floor. I want to place you in a cage, poke and prod you, tease your body, and then hear you desperately ask to be let out except then leave you alone. I want to see the drops of hot wax fall over your hard cock and tender balls and hear you scream as it touches them. I want to gag you tightly and watch your eyes drift as it sends you into that space in your mind, seeing how humiliated you feel as you sound so stupid when you mumble and dribble like a baby. I want to hold you, nurse you, hear your heart beating as its close to mine. I want to see how you dare to say “No”, and your reaction as you see the look on my face at hearing the word. I want you to kneel before me and masturbate until you come, as I make you lick your hands clean and then make you go on all fours with your head touching the floor while I crop your tender parts. I want you collared and leashed and attached to my chair while I work, so I can stroke your head every so often while you stroke and tend to my feet and legs and other parts that you may be given permission to touch. I want you to worship me all over listening and learning how I want to be touched even knowing that you may never be touched in return. I want us to go out for dinner where you will await to be told when you can sit, where I will order something that you hate to eat but then watch you as you do it, watching the reaction of you heave over something you dislike so much yet daring not to complain. I want to feel you close to me, kneeling before me, knowing that as I look into your eyes I see how much you trust me, how much you need to serve, knowing how much you please me and how much I cherish you. I want to hear you scream and sigh, to hear you cry and whimper, I want to hear you beg and plead, I want to hear you say thank you. I want to feel your body when you’re scared, as it shivers with fear yet excitement, watching you as your body betrays the arousal that you try to hide. I want to take you to a high, and hold you in a low. I want to see as you drift into that most wonderful place with the depth of your submission, knowing that you give that to me. I want to feel your devotion in everything that you do, with your knowing that you are loved for all that you are.

I want . . .

I want this . . .

I want it all . . .

I want everything . . .

I want more.

[written by top_kat November 2008]


  1. What a delightful find you are Top Kat, and of course I would love to know more about you.
    But written so long ago, and by now you must have had dozens of replies from suitable sub men wanting to serve you.
    If not, then I would love to know more, and hopefully get to know you better
    Yours, most respectfully

    see EdwardJ (Fetlife)

  2. i like this! i will show it to my Mistress Wife.

  3. Wow. What can one ever say about the images this creates.