22 December 2010

Dear Santa

With Christmas so close and all of this talk of presents and christmas "lists" I really must place link this here for safe keeping now that I have just unexpectedly found it again.

this HERE is on my Christmas list, not just on the list, but at the top of the list.

it is a bit like this one in this photo here . . .

Going back some months, actually come to think about it, its going back a year or more, someone shared this item of equipment with me, we had a long discussion about its use and the feelings of humiliation that being placed on it would create (one of the reasons it appealed to me yes!), it was one of those pieces of equipment that I certainly could make good use of and it has always been quite high up on my list of "wants!" as far as equipment goes . . .

But I lost the link, I was just browsing through equipment for some inspirational thoughts for the future *evil grin* and by some miracle I came across it once again. What a stroke of luck that is . . .so I have blogged it here not only for safe keeping, but so the boy can see what wonderful delights lay ahead.

The thought of bolting it to the floor and positioning the boy above it, how wonderfully delightful, making him stand on his tip toes and that if he should need to rest the aches which will no doubt kick in to his feet and calves and he lowers himself down, then he impales himself even more. 

Now THAT appeals to me a lot lol

It obviously appealed to someone else, because here is a blog entry by someone who made his own HERE  now there is a task for the boy!

Although, he did start some weeks ago talking about the creation of a Queening chair . . .but this could give him something to do, something to focus on, and having to create something that will ultimately be used in his humiliation adds to it even more!

So Dear Santa, 

I am ALWAYS good, so bring me the frigging impaler, I have someone who needs lots of things right now, and even though he may not think that he needs this, whether he does or he doesn't isn't the issue, *I* need it .  .

I can but hope *grins*
This could certainly give a new dimension to "corner time", a wonderful tool for punishment, but then, I would get too much enjoyment out of watching him impale himself, I would get too much enjoyment if he were to be made to walk around with it in place.  Would certainly make for interesting "drinks service", but then why shouldn't I enjoy myself at his expense? 

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