16 December 2010

Piggy in the middle.

I imagined the boy there last night while I watched one fucking hot piece of porn. 

3 guys, one on his knees, a big cock buried deep into his arse, fucking him hard, fucking him deep, the other fucking him deep into his mouth and his throat. 

Damn it was so fucking hot!

The expression on his face as he felt every single movement as if it were going to tear him apart, trying to open himself up to take it deeper in his arse.  Trying to move his mouth so he could take all of the cock deep into his throat like some dirty slut. 

Fuck I do like rough anal sex, there's something about the animalistic way of it, the way it makes one feel so totally used and abused. 

I like that. 

I like to watch it.  I like to have it. 

I know what its like to be in the middle and to feel both ends being used at one time.  And I want that for him, the boy. 

There is something so damn horny about seeing a man's cock force its way into an arse.  I wonder at times if there is anything hornier?  Have I said how much I love anal sex?

I want that for the boy.

For him to feel his arse being fucked deep and hard, while the other guy forces his cock deep into his mouth, holding his head so he cannot pull away while he is being fucked in his mouth and his throat.  I want to hold his head so he cannot pull away, I want to make him move his legs apart so he can take the hard cock deeper into his arse than he thinks possible.

And I want that for him, the boy. 

I want to see him used, like a greedy slut.  Taking it all, wanting and begging for more. 

And I imagined the boy in that place last night, my own little piggy in the middle.  And it made me hot and wet.  I don't need to touch to feel my wetness.  When I'm aroused I feel it all over, I can feel the wetness between my legs. And as I imagined him there, an incredible wave of orgasm coursed through my body.

And I thought of my boy, being used in that way, while I sit and watch him being fucked at both ends, hard and rough and deep.  As I hear his gasps at feeling his arse being stretched, as I hear him gag and choke on the cock being forced down the back of his throat.  And I see his tears begin to start at the corner of his eyes and I want to reach out and wipe them for him, but not yet . . .not until its finished, not until he is left filled, filled at both ends.  

I want to reach out and wank his cock, knowing that he cannot speak to ask for permission to orgasm.  I want to take him to the edge, knowing that I will be able to feel when he begins to cum and then making him stop, to prolong his suffering.  I want him to suffer.  Because I know he will suffer for me. That he will take it for me.  And I will tease him, and pinch him, and hurt him, and he won't know whether to feel aroused or how to process the pain or where it is coming from.  He won't know if the sensations come from me, or from being fucked deep in his arse, or having a cock forced down his throat. 

And damn the thought is hot. 

And it makes me wet . . .writing this makes me wet. 

And I want to see the boy used, abused.  Used like a greedy slut and then left with his own arousal.  And then the boy will please me,  I may even let him fuck me in the way that I so like to be fucked.  I may let him cum while he does it.

Or maybe not.

But either way, the boy is mine.  The slut, the greedy slut, is still my greedy slut. However he is used, or in whatever way, he is still the boy. He is still my boy!

Except he will be a used boy ~ a piggy in the middle.





And damn DAMN that is hot!


  1. I like to dream that i am your piggy


  2. Doesn't always have to be a dream tho does it! ;)

    Nice to know you're not just lurking! :)

    Kat x