28 December 2010

I don't want this kiss to end.

As I wrote on this blog HERE kissing is very underrated, and I miss it.

I think about it often. 

Of wanting to lean in for a gentle long, lingering kiss. 

A moment of deep sensual and seductive joining of mouths, searching with a tongue, a gentle nibble on the lips.

I think about it often, because I love it. 

And I know I say that often, and there are LOTS of things that I love. But I make no apologies for talking about the things that I like and I will certainly make no apologies for writing about it either.  In fact, I think we can be safe in saying I will probably write about it often.

Kissing is such a beautiful thing. Regardless whether it is a soft, sensual kiss, or aggressive meeting of mouths and biting and tongues, whether it is rough and harsh being forced against the wall with pulled hair and slapped faces. 

It is beautiful.

When I updated my profile picture on here last night, the boy asked me if I liked to look down when I kiss.  And it started me thinking and I have been thinking about it ever since.

And yes I do, like to look down while I kiss, I like to have the control of how that kiss will be, of its strength, of its depth, I like to be able to pull away at the last moment watching as he moves his lips searching for mine to be touched.

I long to feel that moment of lips touching, gently grazing a waiting mouth, as he stands before me looking into my eyes, his eyes showing the longing that he feels, betraying the inner desires that his own body betrays just as much. It makes my stomach lurch, it makes me breath deeply with my own longing and desire.  And a gentle kiss can create so much desire, such a deep longing.

And as he stands before me, "Kneel" I say, in a gentle voice, and my stomach lurches even more as he falls to his knees, his eyes still focussed on mine, except now he looks up at me, the same longing, the same desire. And it goes straight through my body as I gently lean in and go to touch his lips with mine, and he searches for mine like a baby bird taking food from its mother.

And I pull away, controlling the moment when lips touch, savouring the longing and desire that sits within his eyes.  I lean down and gently run my fingers along the side of his cheek, gently touching the side of his face, running my fingernails across the lips that are longing for so much more.  And his eyes begin to close with the touch, and just as they close I bring my hand back and slap him across the cheek.  His eyes spring open, searching for mine as he tries to focus as his mind is confused between the change in touch from something so light as a feather to a stinging unexpected slap.

And I lean forward and down, and gently allow my lips to touch the reddened skin from my slap, and my hand goes under his chin and raises his mouth up towards mine and as our lips meet I can feel the longing from his lips, his desperation as he aggressively tries to get into my mouth with his tongue.  And I long to explore with force and bite his lip so hard that he pulls back, and I reach round and grab a fistful of hair with my hand forcing him towards me, not allowing him to pull away from the desire that I feel and want to inflict upon him.

And we hold it, that moment, that long lingering kiss with depth of passion and desire, and I feel it as it knots within my stomach and the desire as it works its way down between my legs.  And I look into his eyes and watch as they begin to drift into a place, a window into the depths of his own desires, his own place, his own submission.

And I cannot bear to pull away.  I cannot bear to break that moment. But it makes me want so much more, and I twist the fistful of hair as I bring his mouth towards mine even harder, aggressively searching and probing and kissing.

And oh god I have missed those moments, that feeling so goddamn much.

And in that moment as I stop, and draw away from him, I can see even more the longing within his eyes, the knowing that I have total control over that moment, over him.  And I study his eyes and the look upon his face, a look of such longing that makes me want to slap his face, to bite his lips or to push him down on his back and place myself above his mouth, grinding my wetness over his mouth, his face.

And all the while he looks at me, not breaking the gaze, and I watch as his lips still search longingly for mine, his mouth open just slightly, and the eyes are drifting, and his eyelids begin to gently close as he is lost in the desire and longing. 

And as I lean in to kiss you once more, he closes his eyes, and I love how you react to my closeness and I love the longing that comes from every pore of your body, and still you kneel before me, naked and baring your own desires.  Your lips are so full, so gentle as they make contact with mine and I run my fingers through your hair, along your face, and I trace the outline of your cheeks and nose and mouth. 

I pull back, my fingers tracing the outline of your reddened lips, and I force my finger between your lips and watch as your mouth automatically opens and allows my finger in, and your instant reaction where you begin to suck and lick my finger, taking it all into your mouth.  And my stomach lurches and twists even more, and the longing grows by the minute, my body aching with desire, my head light with the same desire.

And I have missed it, these moments, these moments of intimacy and desire.  I have missed the feel of lips upon mine.  And as I lean back in for more of the kiss, I have even missed it in that short moments of time.  And I guide your mouth with my own, and I force your lips apart with my tongue, and I search and control its depth and the longing, the strength and the gentleness, and still your eyes explore my own.

This is one of those moments you do not want to end, one of those times when you want the kiss to linger on, and I want to drink you all in, its a kiss that makes every inch of the body tingle with desire, and you feel the blood pumping around the body, and the body is betrayed by a gentle flow of its own juices.

And I miss those moments, and I do not want those moments to end.  Because there is something so beautiful of that moment, its gentleness, of how seductive and sensual, of the meeting of lips and the exchanges of desires.

And it is beautiful.

And I long for it even more.

And I don't want this kiss to end.

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  1. This is one of the most erotic things I have ever read