16 December 2010

It's underrated . . .

Kissing that is.

Completely, totally underrated.

I love it.  I miss it.

Better than sex? Yes at times. 

It can be even better than great sex, or great sex without the sex.  Soft, gentle, sensual and tender, or rough and harsh, with bitten and swollen lips that you can feel swelling under the touch.  I like it. No correct that I love it. 

Have I said that I miss it?

So much can be expressed through a single kiss, so much can be shown, felt, even down to the dynamics of D/s.  If I wanted to kiss softly and gently, a moment of exploring mouths, of close gentle intimacy I can.  If I want to kiss roughly and harshly, biting his lips with my teeth and feeling him wince in pain, I can.  If I want to make him kiss my feet, a simple kiss showing such an act of submission. 

God I love it.

I've been thinking about kissing today for some reason.  Thoughts creeping into my mind . . .imagining the boy coming in the door, standing before me as I grab a fistful of his hair and pull his mouth to meet mine.  It's been a while, so the softly gently approach wouldn't work for me today, I want it rough and harsh, hair pulling, face slapping moments.  I want to feel lips begin to swell, feel him wince as the slight pain kicks in from my teeth biting into his lips. Tasting, exploring, feeling. 

God I love it. 

And I miss it.

And I want it.

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