20 December 2010

The shopping list

Today, I gave the boy a list for when he went shopping.

He has absolutely NO idea what these things will be used for, how they will be used, or when, but then, that is the idea.

He has them (apart from the one thing he couldn't get) and now, the seed is planted inside his mind.  He will not know what is coming, he will not know what he is going to be doing, or how these things will be used. 

But they will, in my own time.

The boy said he felt humiliation at having to buy the hold ups, looking for the right size and type.  I love that he felt humiliated, there will be many more times that he will feel that.  I wonder if he will feel humiliated when he is instructed to put them to use. 

I wonder what else he will feel when he is asked to do what I will instruct him with.  But I know, that he will do it, that he will take those instructions and comply.  I know that he will do his best to please, because that is what the boy does.

I love planting seeds in the mind, the way they are there and then how they grow, and grow they do.  The mind creates a fear and visions often way beyond the reality.

Mind fucks.

I love them. How they work, how they feel.

I am so going to mind fuck the boy. 

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