30 December 2010

Driving force of emotions

"I think all of dominance and submission is about emotion at its core and the physical is a way to get there."

I saw this today, on a comment someone had left on another blog.  And it is so very true.  There is so much emotion at the very core of D/s but it is the physical which is just a way to get there.

It isn't about the act itself, it is the emotion behind it.  It isn't the act of humiliation, it is the feelings that lie beneath it.  It isn't about how the pain is inflicted, it is about the feelings that come from and with that pain.

It isn't about how the tears are created, its about the emotion that fall within them.  The feelings that it then creates as I watch them fall.

And I love the emotions that come with D/s, that come from Domination and Dominating, I love the emotions that come from witnessing the submitting and submission. 

And the emotions are at the core of the dynamic, the emotions whatever they are, are the driving force within the relationship. And the physical?

Well, the physical is just the ways to get those emotions, to create them, to cause them, to have them.

So many emotions, so many feelings. All of which are at the core of it all.

It is the emotions that are the driving force.

The physical just gets us there.


  1. wonderful piece .. well wrote and stated xx

  2. thank you for taking the time to leave a comment ~ it is always nice to get feedback

    Kat c