19 December 2010

Just for starters . . .

The mind is a wonderful thing, the way it can take a thought, an image and build on it, of how it can take just a planted small seed and watch it grow and the imagination runs wild, taking you through so many visions, thoughts, images and the more it runs, the wilder it gets, and you find yourself getting lost in a world of these images . . .

Well, my mind runs away easily. 

And it goes down into the depths . . .

It doesn't take a lot.

CBT ~ cock and ball torture has been in my mind the past day or so, I know it is because it is something that really appeals in so many ways to my sadistic streak, but also because it is an incredibly powerful thing, a thing of excitement, but also of control.

Taking quite literally in the palm of my hand a man in that way, of taking this part of him and taking things to the extreme, knowing that it only takes a little blow to create a level of pain not felt by other parts of the body, the type of pain that can knock you sideways, that can make you curl up in a ball and feel as if you've had your insides kicked out . . . 

And I have seen some wonderful clips, some very beautiful pictures of tortured cocks recently, and the more extreme, the more they appeal, the more the mind runs away . . .

And I envision the boy lying restrained.

I cannot wait to tease, to caress but also to torture the cock that is mine to torture. 

I want to push him to limits he has not known, I want him to take it for me, because it pleases me, because I know in doing so that it will bring so many feelings.

And my thoughts go there . . .to the extreme that is. 

Quite easily.

Quite often. 

I am loving the thought of CBT, loving it more by the day if not the minute.  There are so many things that you can do.

That I can do.

That I want to do.

That I WILL do.

Ignoring the cock would be the worst torture of all, but where is the fun in that for a sadistic Bitch such as I (which according to the boy I am) *evil grin* 

Um . . .none LOL

I don't want to ignore the cock, after all, why would I want to not touch something, tease something, hurt something that is mine to touch, tease or hurt?

I wouldn't.

I love to feel a man's balls in my hand, the hand, fingers and nails are such a wonderful first implement of "torture", not just because you get to feel it first hand, but also because you can gauge the pressure, the movement inline with his responses, his breath, his gasps.  I like to take them in my hands, feel them, touch, them, stroke them, lull him into a false sense of security thinking that everything will be so gentle and tender.

There is something so wonderful about that intake of breath he takes when you cup the balls in your hand, feeling the cock stiffen and twitch in reaction, the way his body moves as you slowly start to twist and tighten, and the pain suddenly begins to take hold.   And the breathing changes and they begin to moan, to whimper, to moan with the pain as you twist a little tighter, a little harder.  Watching them flinch as you run a sharp nail along the shaft of the cock, the sharpness cutting into the sensitive skin, and once again the cock twitches and stiffens and the moans and the whimpers change once again.

The feeling that comes as you pull the balls away from the body, watching as they screw up their face to try to work into and process the pain.  There is something so wonderful knowing that at that moment, I can do what I want, in what way I want, simply because I have your balls in my hand.  Regardless of how it hurts, regardless of how it feels.





What may happen next, no-one knows, I may be in the mood to experiment, grabbing whatever is to hand to prolong the torture of the hard cock and the full twisted balls.  I may have planned what I am doing and have specific things to hand,  but there will always be that alternation between implements and my hands, I have the need to touch, to feel, for that infliction of discomfort or pain to come from my own hands. 

I may trace my nail along the length of the hard shaft, teasing the head and the eye, I may caress the balls gently and softly, with an occasional flick or slap so the mind doesn't know what is coming next and neither does your body. Making you harder, taking you to the edge so it feels as if you are going to cum at any moment.  Then back to the twisting and pulling, a mixture of touch, teasing, torture, and each time I watch you breathing and your eyes as you process the mixture of feelings, and I laugh at you as you screw your eyes up when it hurts just that little bit too much.




Taking you to the edge, pushing you further, keeping you at that moment of release yet not granting it to you, I watch you try to take it, watching you as you begin to beg, watch as your eyes begin to glaze, your breathing becomes deep, knowing the deeper you get, the more pain you will take, that I can start to do more, you breathe heavily, more quickly when I rub your balls, sharp intakes of breath when the pain is a little too much to bear.

And your body begins to relax, the cock still hard and aroused, and then I decide what to do next, what I want to do now, whether I want you to orgasm or whether I want to hurt you some more.

To tie,
To slap
To torture

But this . . .

this is just for starters!

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