28 February 2012


The space where you were is like an unavoidable void, it grows with every second since you were there.  

I lie, with thoughts and memories of the feel of your body, the gentleness of your touch, the feel of your tongue.

The trail of kisses that you left down my back and over the cheeks of my ass, the tiny welts where your nails followed the same trail.
Although the bed is empty now, the weight of your body keeps me there.

The way your mouth hungrily found me, teased me, tasted me.  The gentle nips and bites to the softest of skin, making me lost in the way that you made me feel. 

The way you held my face in your hands, the light and depth within your eyes.  My heart stopped for that moment, because in that moment in time, you stole me with a kiss. 

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