13 May 2017


The daily grind of life so often gets in the way of things we'd like to be doing, want to be doing, would love to be doing.  This is certainly the case for me right now where the fact I'm working on 3 very big projects one after the other has meant I've got little time to write, to relax or even to breathe!

The working days are long, hitting 18-20 hours every day for the past few weeks and for the foreseeable, and it's tiring and draining, but thank goodness I love my job. 

I'm on countdown to when I shall be on holiday and while a beach holiday is not normally my thing, in a matter of weeks I shall be relaxing on a beach, a book in hand and trying to unwind from the stresses of the weeks.

In fact, this will be my "home office" for almost two weeks, except we shall get to explore a beautiful new island that we've not had the pleasure of visiting, but I know that both mini man and I will so be ready for this holiday, probably more than usual as we've normally had at least one by now.

The daily grind of life has prevented me from being able to give time to anything else too right now, mini man is approaching his exams, work load is seriously high, the house is filled with stresses.  Oh, how using a paddle on a bare behind would be quite welcome now, a wonderful way to de-stress, but alas, that isn't a possibility either.

Instead, life is just life right now. 

Chaotically busy, missing lots of things right now, but that is how it goes. 

It is as it is, and we have to take and accept these things as being this way.  I know that often people do not understand the commitments that I may have, or the way that I work, to the level that I do.  But this is how it is.

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  1. That sounds exhausting, Kat.
    I hope that you are able to find time to nurture yourself as well.

    Take care. Hugs.