10 November 2010

The Garden ~ a story

The warmth of the sun slowly took away the coldness that she felt, she closed her eyes, turning her face to look towards the sun, soaking in its warmth. She breathed deeply, the smell of the flowers around her filled her nostrils, gently moving her head from side to side, she slowly began to relieve the stresses of the day. She reaches behind her, letting her hair loose from the clip that had kept it in place all day, and as it falls about her shoulders, it causes her to shiver as it tickles the back of her neck.  Something so gentle, yet stirs such feelings of arousal.  The scent of the air, the warmth of the sun, her mind begins to drift, as she listens to the quietness of her surroundings. A bird singing in the distance, the sound of the water trickling over the stream at the end of the garden.   She wishes she had gone into the house to get changed before coming out here, the silk stockings and the black suspender belt, the matching bra underneath the blouse that she had worn.  She leant back, kicked off her heeled shoes, feeling the coldness of the slightly damp grass beneath her feet, as her toes relaxed after being in the confines of the shoes, the coldness spreading between her toes, the dampness chilled further by the gentle breeze makes her skin become alive as she shivers gently, she loves the feel of being exposed outside, of being able to draw in all of her surroundings, of soaking up everything with all of her senses coming alive.

Slowly, she ran her hands through her hair, the gentleness of it causing her to shiver her body becoming aroused at her own touch, the shivers running down her back to the place between her legs which began to throb with the sensations surging through her body.  She reached down, knowing that no-one could see her, and felt between her legs, her own touch feeling the wetness that had begun to seep out from her soft and shaven sex, she moaned softly, a gasp of breath and she drifted as she circled her hardening clitoris with the tip of her neatly manicured nail.  Her thoughts running wildly through her head, she was secluded, yet it felt that she was not alone, this instant feeling of uneasiness crowded her mind, quickly she removed her hand and sat up to look around. Yet, there was no-one there, she undid the buttons on her blouse, revealing the black lace bra beneath, soaking in the warmth of the early summer sun, she stretched her stocking covered legs out before her, her legs slightly apart as she felt the hint of coolness in the air circulate up beneath her skirt to her nakedness.  The breeze gently moving beneath the black silk French knickers that she had worn, ones now feeling damp from her arousal as her mind drifted once more to the thoughts of Him coming home tonight.  She had missed him these past few days, hated it when he had to go away on business, she missed his smell, his warmth, his control, she missed being able to touch him, to feel him, to taste him, she missed him using her, her pleasing him, feeling her, touching her, and the longings within her grew as she wished that he was here with her now.

She imagined what he was doing, where he was, and she thought of the summer months ahead when being out in the garden with him in the warm summer sun would become its usual regular occurrence.  They had chosen this house, specifically for the seclusion of its garden, that there wasn’t anyone who could see in, this allowed them the freedom to explore each others nakedness in the warmth of the sun and in the coolness of the air and they both loved how the others bodies reacted to the changes in the temperatures, of how it made their bodies come alive.

And she thought of it now, the time that they had last been out here, when they had been led out on the grass and he had taken her with such power and such strength but with such gentleness.  He moved her, he touched her yet without having to physically touch her, he knew the way her body reacted, he knew each gasp of breath, its sound and the feelings that it created deep within her.  She was his slut, his whore, his everything . . .quite simply his and she knew that he knew her in ways that no-one else ever could. 

The thoughts within her mind flooded her body with deep longings, and the moisture from her lips seeped out a little more as the inner parts of her secreted the juices that always gave her arousal away.  She led there relishing the warmth, the breeze, and all of the feelings and thoughts.

She sighed, a deep sigh of longing of wanting, of needing, and she knew that she needed to find some release, yet wanting that to be with him when he came home later. Instead she placed her feet up on the seat before her and lounged back, breathing deeply and slowly.  She drifted off into her thoughts, totally unaware of anything around her; she failed to hear the gentle footsteps of the man that approached her. He walked slowly, with great purpose, long strides across the recently mown lawn, yet he made no noise as he approached her from behind. 

He had been standing there watching her, willing her to play with herself, he had wanted to watch her bring herself pleasure and release at her own fingers, her own touch, yet, he had felt frustrated when she had stopped herself. He had felt the stirrings of his cock within his jeans, as his mind imagined her playing with herself and being lost to orgasm. When she had stopped he had sighed heavily from frustration and now here he was, approaching her, in silence, without warning, a stirring within him to turn her over and fuck her where she was led.

She didn’t stir, not even when he stood behind her, he watched her breasts exposed to the sun moving up and down with her breathing, he wanted to take the nipples in his fingers and pinch them until she screamed with the pain and the pleasure.  He wanted to force his hardening cock into the mouth, between her lightly painted lips, forcing himself down her throat until she gagged and begged him to stop. All of these thoughts only increased his growing arousal, his cock throbbing in his jeans he could feel the gentle drops of pre-cum beginning to be released and she looked so at peace, so at rest, a beautiful vision, and his erotic thoughts, and the longings that were within him were overwhelming.

He stood there for moments, watching her, soaking up everything about her, and he could see the outline of her suspenders against the material of her skirt, the stocking top showing through the split that went up to her mid thigh, his hands longed to wander over them, to touch them, he longed to reach into her depths to fill her with his fingers at first, followed by more until his hand reached deep into her very being. He wanted her to cry out as he filled her and moved her; taking all of his hand deep inside her, he wanted to fuck her in this way, filling her up, he wanted to feel the waves of her orgasm as she lost control her juices pouring out over his hand and over the soft shaven skin of her intimate places.

Walking towards her, he had taken a pair of her panties that had been hung on the line, the softness of the silk was gentle on his fingers, and in his pocket he fingered them, rolling them up into a ball, and before he could stop himself, he suddenly took them out of his pocket and forced them into the mouth of the sleeping woman before him.  She woke startled trying to scream as he held her down in the chair where she had been led, the panic rising in her so much that she tried to fight yet being overpowered by his strength and agility. He taped over her mouth, keeping the panties forced into her mouth, she had closed her eyes in fear, yet struggled still, her legs wailing about in the air as she tried to find a position where she could regain her control, yet it was fruitless.   She continued to moan and scream from the panty gag that filled her mouth, but the muffled sounds weren’t something anyone could hear.  After all this is why she had loved this garden.

He held her down with ease with one hand while the other covered her eyes, and the immediate loss of orientation scared her, yet deep within the fear aroused her already aroused and sensitive body. And still he held her, placing a cotton hood over her head, depriving her of her sight before she could really see him. She gasped, a deep gasp that came from within her, it aroused him and he felt his hard cock fighting against the restraining fabric of his jeans.  And he could see her breathing deeply, he could feel the fear within her body as she trembled.  And as he pulled her up so she was sitting in the chair, the fighting that had been so wasted stopped, the reality of what she was experiencing hitting home. 

She sat there, her mouth aching from the fullness of the gag within her mouth, her eyes although hidden behind the mask, searching for any clue as to who was there or what he was going to do next, she felt the warmth of the sun coming through the hood, the coolness of the breeze still moving up under her skin, chilling her as it came into contact with the dampness of her skin. She sat there wishing she knew what he was going to do with her, knowing that any movement may make things worse and so she stopped screaming, wishing, hoping that her Master would come home, wishing he was here with her stopping this man from invading her in this way.

Her arms were pulled behind her back and round the back of the chair in which she sat, and the all too familiar feeling of rope made contact with her skin as he began to bind her to the chair in which she sat, he moved quickly, deftly, without hesitation yet with strength and power and control, he obviously knew what he was doing, and the tightness of the rope against her skin, the way it made her skin burn was an all too familiar but deeply erotic feeling.  She loved the way it felt when her Master had used it on her so many times before and she hated the way that she was feeling that way now.

How could she enjoy something such as this ? She felt ashamed, disgust, but the excitement seeping from her, the shallow breathing, the way her body shivered at the touch of his hands, the charge of electric between them was immense, and he felt it too as he watched her hardening nipples, as he saw the body before him squirming as much as it could do within the restraints of the rope.

She moaned deeply from behind the gag, and he stood back and watched her tied to the chair, her breasts being forced out before him, her feet bound to the legs of the chair forcing her legs apart.  As he stood there, he took in the milky white skin of her inner thighs against the top of the black silk stockings, her skirt had ridden higher within the struggle and he saw the nakedness of her very being, before him, she was laid bare in so many ways, and the urge to take her as she was, was immense. Instead he watched her, moving her head from side to side gently as she was straining for sounds, for a sign of what was to come, he sensed her vulnerability, the fact that before him she sat there helpless, hooded, gagged, bound and helpless, a deeply erotic vision that send strong longing urges surging through his body.

He leant forward and gently touched her breasts that were before him, he flicked the nipple with his finger as she cried out in a mixture of surprise and ecstasy.  Every time she made a noise it stirred his longings deeper still.  He caressed them gently, his touch getting firmer, her body reacting in the way that was so beautifully erotic, she strained against the restraints of the rope to feel the pressure of his hands.

She wasn’t prepared for the slap of his hand as it made contact with her breasts, she gasped and then cried out in pain, followed by a deep moan that came from her very depths, her exposed breasts started to burn, yet the coolness of the air eased it gently, her nipples hardening and the rush of blood to her breasts and the coldness and relief brought by the gentle breeze of this early summers day. Just as her body had started to recover, he began to torture her breasts, her pleading cries behind the gag were muffled and lost on him, as he pinched and pulled her nipples, twisting them, rolling them between his firm fingers, the same fingers that gently moved down over her stocking clad thighs, the same fingers that began to probe her.  His hand found her wetness and he smiled at her, the body and all its fear still betrayed by the arousal it was feeling also, he tasted her, licking his fingers clean, while taking his hand back down to probe her more intimately, more deeply, more firmly, she squirmed under his touch, her juices flowing from her more freely, the moans coming from her he could feel coming from deep within her.  He continued to slap, pinch, scratch her breasts, teasing the hard nipples, flicking them and he relished it every time she gasped, or flinched or reacted from his attentions.  His other hand, buried deep within her, as she bucked against being filled by him in this way, his fingers probed her deeply, hitting the spot that she was losing control to. 

She struggled against the restraints, the rope digging into her flesh, making it burn even more, the gag within her mouth seemed to be filling her up even more, the loss of sight had aroused her so deeply, her head was flailing wildly, her long dark hair that she had earlier released from its clip teased her skin, and she drifted into a place and the most intense of feelings, as her body shuddered with the intensity of the release that he had brought to her, she moaned loudly yet still muffled, her body trembled from the intensity of her orgasm, her juices flowed out from her, over his hand, as he sat back to watch her, hungrily he tasted her, licking his fingers clean he buried his face deep within the soft skin, teasing her with his tongue, flicking over the hard bud of her clitoris, deep inside her as he teased her.  And despite the intensity of her orgasm he could sense her building ecstasy, the forming of another orgasm, he smiled at this slut of his, he knew just how to do this to her, it never failed, HE never failed, and she always was lost to him.

He could feel her pushing herself down onto his face as he relished in tasting her, she tasted so sweet.  And as he gently bit the throbbing bud between her legs, she bucked once more as her juices poured from within her, over his face, onto his tongue, and she moaned so loudly, and his own longings took hold as he knew that he was going to take her, he stood up while her body relaxed from the release he had given her, and untied the rope that had restrained her to the chair.  She whimpered and gasped from the release against her skin, exhausted her body was spent, yet still within she longed to be taken, and just as he had thought when he first saw her sitting there, he turned her over, so she was on all fours, removing the hood, her eyes struggled to adjust to the flood of sunlight that she had been relishing earlier.  He gently removed the tape from her mouth, being careful not to hurt her, yet she grimaced in the pain as it pulled the skin, stinging it brought tears to her eyes, and she gasped out in relief as the panty gag was removed from her mouth, her breathing fast and deep.  He wanted this woman, right now, and that is exactly what was going to happen. 

She remained on all fours, and he leant forward grabbing a handful of her hair, the deepest moan of erotic pleasure escaped her mouth, and he pulled her head back gripping her head as he plunged his cock deep into the depths of her ass, wet from her own juices, and she cried out in the shock of being taken this way, the force of the cock spreading her apart from the inside, and there he fucked her, deep and hard, and she pushed back against him to take all of him to her very depths, and she could feel his balls slapping against her naked ass as deeper and harder he took her, using her, taking her like an animal and the slut that she was. 

She was close, her breathing and moans reflected that, the juices still poured from her very depths, her insides that had ached with being filled by his hands, and as he took her harder, more forcefully, she felt his muscles tighten, the moan that escaped his own lips, and she felt his warmth flood within her as he found his own release deep within.  The feeling of this was enough to send her over the edge and lost to an orgasm, her ass still filled with his cock and his juices, her body bucked and pushed against him, and she screamed in such pleasure and release.  Falling down on the chair before her, he took her in his arms, both breathing heavily and deeply, but needing that moment of closeness and intimacy afterwards.  Her breathing slowed as she caught her breath, and she turned and smiled at the man behind her, whispering the words “I love you Master”

[written and copyright of top_kat January 2008]

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