15 March 2012

Drawing him near

She leans into him, fingers ploughing through pliable flesh, nails dragging into his back.  Thighs parted around his head, gently closing around him, engulfing him, bringing him in, drawing him near.

The desire flows between them just as freely as the juices that flow from her into his mouth.  The longing, the hunger, the lust as his hands grip her thighs bringing her closer still, enabling him to go deeper into her.

His mouth finds the spot, that it hungrily searched for, and she gives into the administrations of his mouth as her resolve melts gently away.  He loves to bury his face into the smooth folds of soft pink skin, deep into the depths of her, he is sustained by the pleasure that he brings to her.

He finds his rhythm of teasing, gently, a quick pause, waiting for a reaction, some acknowledgement, a movement or a touch that urges him on.  She floods him with a fresh wetness and his mouth opens to take the flow, as he feels the urge and desire from her engorged sex.

His face is painted with her juices as he feels her body tense, feeling her body tipping over the edge as his hands reach around to tease, the gentle sensation of his fingers probing her ass, matching every flick of his tongue. He can feel her body tense.  He can feel her as she falls over the edge, as she shudders lost to the wave of orgasm that screams through her body.

And she leans into him, fingers dragging through pliable flesh, nails dragging into his back.  Thighs parted around his head, gently closing around him, engulfing him, drawing him near . . .


  1. arousing, well written erotic short! Continue your writing.

  2. Well thank you kindly :) am slowly getting back into the swing of it LOL

    Regards, Kat

  3. Dear Kat, how I wish that it could be that you could draw me that near. Alas, I know it is something that is so unlikely to ever come to fruition.

    Images. Such erotic images your words create. Your creative juices are flowing ;)

    As always, A x