11 March 2012


You were watching.

But only because you had no choice.  Although you didn't want the choice. Not in reality.

You were watching.

Only because you couldn't look anywhere else.  Only because your eyes were drawn to us.  Only because you knew deep down it was what you wanted . . .to watch.

Me with him.

Him with me.

Except, you never thought that the fantasy that lay deep in the recesses of your mind would ever make their way to a reality. 

Except, you never encountered on meeting someone who would take those fantasies and bring them to life, to make them play before your very eyes.  You never believed that what was in the dark and depraved parts of your mind would ever see daylight.

They did. With me.

And here you were watching.

Fighting yourself not to watch. Fighting the feelings that were rising within you as you watched him fuck me.  As you watched me fuck him.

Your eyes drawn to the moments of lust and lasciviousness passion, your cock responding to the desire that coursed through every inch of your body.  Wanting to be him. Yet wanting to watch me be with him.  Conflicting feelings, desires, longings.

Even though I did not look at you, I knew that there was the battle going on between wanting to be there, watching us, yet not wanting to watch me be with him, or him with me.  I didn't need to look at you to see the battle playing in your mind, the battle between your darkest desires and the reality colliding like waves hitting the rocks on a shore.

But, you wanted it.

You had told me.  I had reached into the depths of your darkest thoughts, bringing them to the surface, telling you that there would be a moment when the line between fantasy would become that reality.

You hadn't known when it would be.  The plans were all made, arranged without you really knowing.  All you knew was that it would. Happen that is.  You had no idea it was going to be the night it was, not until I had whispered into your ear over dinner that tonight was the night.

We still had several courses to go, speeches too, several hours for the mind to run through a whole host of scenarios. You didn't know how.  You didn't know when.  You didn't even know who or at least you didn't until I said that we had to get going, you stood up but then he stood up too.

And you knew.  Who it was at least.

And the rest, was soon to follow.  And now you were watching.

Watching he and I fuck.  Wanting it to be you. Wanting to be there. Wanting to be a million miles away.  The lust in your eyes, the desire, the wanting, the jealousy.  A hundred and one emotions colliding inside.

And you watched.



  1. Amazing, Kat. Good to the last...

  2. Oh Kat, I have missed your words. Seeing them here, I hope means that you are feeling better, that you have won the battle of the bug!

    It is great to see your words, the pictures they create. God I've missed them.

    As always, A

  3. So many contradictions, his greatest fantasy, his worst nightmare, his overwhelming arousal, his feeling sick, his delight for your pleasure, his hatred of your lover's pleasure............heaven!