20 July 2012

He knows what she wants.

She stood in front of him, pushing herself back towards his face as he knelt on the floor behind her.  His arm reached up to embrace her, reaching around her thighs and the gentle roundness of her hips.

He pulls her closer, willing her nearer.

He begins to feast upon her skin, devouring her, tasting her, his face nestled against her softness and the curves of her body.

He enjoys the feel of her, his fingers digging into her flesh, his tongue flicking quickly over her hips while his hand is gently placed around the curves of her ass.

He groans when she thrusts herself backwards towards his mouth, he knows she is willing him on, and he is hungry for her.  She turns slightly, her movement giving directions to him without a spoken word.

He knows what she wants.

He tastes her.

He smells her.

He fills his nose and his lungs with the scent that comes from her arousal.  He pulls her closer, drinking in every inch of her body as he nestles closer to her, he is lost in a moment of intoxicating arousal, as she pushes herself backwards against him further, taking him under her spell.

He is lost to her, taken by her, he worships her, caressing her skin with his mouth, his tongue and his soft hands.

His mouth works over the curves of her ass as he breathes her in deeply.  Her arousal which mirrors his own, makes him crave even more for her, and he slowly moves around to where he knows she wants him to be until his tongue finds its place deep inside her.

A deep moan escapes from her throat.  She pushes herself back to him, willing him in deeper and deeper.

He knows what she wants.

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