21 July 2012

My hand, tightens around his throat bringing his face up to meet my own.

My moans are muffled as I reach in and kiss him deeply. Between each kiss he gasps for air and moans as my leg grinds against his cock.

I can feel a pressure building inside my head, blood pounding through my body.  My body feels alive. A scream erupts from your throat which I silence with my mouth upon your own and a tightening hand around your throat.  You gasp and move yourself faster and harder against my leg.

My hand reaches into your hair, twisting it, pulling you in closer; tighter; harder as my mouth denies you of air.  You gasp at any opportunity, struggling for breath you plead.  I kiss you harder, my body beginning to convulse from the orgasm that waves over me.  I am coming and yet feel as if I am dying.  Your pleading is weak, muffled.

I feel your body tense, your cock swell as you rub against me even harder.  Your eyes filled with fear, disorientated, arousal as you beg and plead.  The release from your body takes with it the tension and pressure.

Slowly the air returns to your lungs.


  1. Holy FUCK! You know how to hit with your words!

  2. Taken to the very edge in more ways than one. You are a literary Goddess Kat, so deliciously eloquent, but with it so deeply knowledgeable! Oh to be teetering on that very edge............