09 August 2012

My response VIII ~ what you want?

Dear mister_ticklist

How interesting, that you should write to me, stating that female dominants are rare.

I would disagree.

We are not that rare, not really!

You have written to me, with a tick list, a long email no doubt written and sent a hundred times before, to a hundred different people, in the hope that you will find someone who will give you exactly what you want.

You profess to be submissive, however, your email, your "list" clearly shows that you like a bit of kink when you fancy a bit, that you want your kink to be as you like it, when you want it, where, when and exactly how you want it.  You make it clear that I would be expected to "perform" for you, to dress in clothes that you think that I should be wearing, clothes that make me dominant.  You state how I should act, to be dominant, and wanting me to do, only the things that you want to do.
I am sorry to disappoint you that I do not meet your specification of what a dominant female is. 

And I am disappointed that having read my profile, you think that we are on the same page or that I have misled in anyway that has led you to contact me.

I wonder if it is a dominant that you seek, you want to be in charge. You want to be in control. You want someone, anyone it appears,  to cater to your needs, when, how and where you want.

We are not on the same page.  And on reflection, yes, perhaps female dominants are rare ~ or more so, just perhaps the female dominant that you are seeking is!

I hope that you have luck with your "spec".

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