04 February 2013

I was the first . . .

I watched her face, the tears rolling down her cheeks, the moans and groans that escaped her beautiful lips, the screams that she let out as my hand went deeper still.
She was shy and filled with guilt and shame as she cried out for me to fuck her harder, my hand willingly obliging.
The pain on her face was exquisite, ecstasy swept over her body like an electric charge, as she came over my hand in a frenzy.  She bucked and twisted, as my fist plunged in and out of her, stretching her, feeling her.  I could feel her muscles twitching and straining with wave after wave of orgasm.  I didn't relent, not even when she stopped, wanting to force every last orgasm from her innocent body.

I held her when it was over, rocking her.  Stroking her hair. Kissing her gently. Wiping her shame filled tears from her beautiful cheeks as I whispered into her ear that she was beautiful when she came.
I was the first person to put a hand inside her. 
She was the first I had put my hand inside.


  1. Dearest Kat how I have missed your words, their beauty and the scenes they create in my mind - you bring them to life. Intrigued that this is the first time you have written about an interaction with another female :)

    yours, as always A