12 February 2013

Sleeping with you

I couldn't sleep.

Lying in the dark, trying to fall into a state of sleep, forcing my eyes to stay closed.

I bring you to mind, your face, your mouth, your smell, your skin, your touch and sounds and taste.  The way that you once looked at me, the way I looked at you.  The moments of tenderness, moments of passion, beatific moments of vulgarity and indecency.  Sometimes just one of those things, sometimes all of those things, all of the memories remain quite vivid, lucid yet almost theatrical.

They may fade with time.

But those memories, each one of them, enshroud me in a cloak, a blanket veil. Warmth. Peacefulness. Gentleness. 


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  1. Amazing blog! Sensual, inspiring, sexy... I love it!

    Thank you