13 June 2013

Turning the page.

There comes a day when you realise turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realise there is so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.

Zayn Malik.

Pages have not turned in my book for so long.

Not just in the ones that I write myself, but the book of "life".

The covers have for some time, been firmly closed, there hasn't been a particular desire to re-open them.  I haven't wanted to.  I haven't.

But the quote is right.

There does come that day. There does come that point when you realise that you are stuck on a page. Stuck in a place where you no longer want to be stuck in.  My day has come.

I don't want to be stuck.  

I don't want to be stuck on this particular page anymore. I want to create new pages. New chapters. A new story. A new book.

A new life.  

It is time to open the covers . . .



  1. What can I say, dear Kat. How wonderful it was to see you appear on the top of my blog list. It has been so long.

    You have been missed. I hope the pages are turning for your writing, as well as your book of life.

    As always, yours A

  2. That is music to my ears Kat, SO pleased you are feeling that way! I look forward to seeing the pages turn and long may they continue to do so!!! Chris x

  3. @ A - thank you! It has been a long while, it is only today that I actually started writing...I hope you are well. Kat

    @ Chris - I look forward to it too, and I hope that they so for a long time :) Kat x

  4. It shows greatness of character to face the book of your life and decide which pages are past and how new pages should look. The art of being free...

    I wish you a new book full of very special pages, Kat.