14 June 2013


A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

Ingrid Bergman

I silence your words with my mouth. 

Kissing you deeply, biting your lips until I can feel your body begin to recoil with the pain. The sharp intake of breath willing me to kiss you harder, urging me to hurt you more, pushing me on, pushing you deeper.

The back of my hand impulsively comes across your face, knocking you back and I watch as the depths of your brown eyes began to glaze over, as you fall deeper and deeper in the dark space that you go to, where nothing else takes you.

I love to watch you as you process the sting from my hand, the pain across your cheek, your lips still stinging from the lingering kiss.  The confusion on your face of the lascivious combination of pain immersed under waves of pleasure, drowning in its depths.  My hands weaving through your hair, as I pull your head back exposing your neck, as I lean in to kiss you. Bite you. Each time you gasp it urges me to only to do it more, to do it harder.  It unleashes the beast inside as I want to hurt you more, to hear you gasp, to moan, to cry.

You attempt to touch me, to bring me closer, I know that you long to feel me closer, to bring me nearer and as I feel your arms pulling at their restraints I move back simply to frustrate you, reminding you that I am where I am, doing what I am, because I want to, for what I need. Not because you want me to be, or not for what you need.  A moan of frustration leaves your mouth at the same time that the back of my hand once more makes contact with your reddened cheek.

The impact of my hand across your face echoes around the silent room, your face reddening from the mark of my hand, the sensations of warmth and stinging coursing through my own body as you recover from the unsuspecting slap.  Your breathing deepens, your eyes darkening, greying like a sky when the moon eclipses the sun.  Your eyes glaze further still, shining like burnished metal, your body begins to sag and strain against the ropes around your wrists as you feel yourself descending into the pain and yet, the resistance of the rope forces you back up, forcing you to stay in a position that doesn't burn your wrists and yet your whole body is commanding you forward.

Your mind cannot process the predicament in which it finds itself, your exquisite eyes convey the bewilderment turmoil  that your mind finds itself within.  They display the longing, the hunger, the urgency, the desire, the passion and the beauty of your submissive depths.

Your eyes beseech, pleading before even a simple pleading can escape from your bitten lips.

I pull you closer, as close as your body will allow, your whole body straining against the ropes that bind you.  I silence your mouth once more with my own, covering your nose with my hand as I kiss you deeply, stealing your breath, taking everything from you.

Taking all that is yours.  Taking all that is mine. 

You are silenced.


  1. So painful... and at the same time so beautiful. It sounds like the kind of dream where one part of you realizes it is time to get awake. But then your most inner will reminds you which your real feelings are and suddenly you find yourself surrendering further than ever

  2. Dearest Kat,

    Your love of kissing. written into breathtaking words once more. Even your words silence me at times. I can only think or dream of how silent a kiss would make me!

    Yours, as always, A x