15 June 2013


What is it that entices me? That draws me in? That pulls me in like metal to a magnet? The look of his eyes, the way that he smiles? The intoxicating heady aroma that fills my nose when I breathe in deeply.  There's a pull, a draw, an allure that captivates me.

It awakens the beast. He awakens the beast,  awakens the darker need in me.  I long to see his beautiful face stained with tears. I long to see the smile upon his face disappear with the gasps, cries and screams. I long to feed my fingers through his hair pulling him closer, the force pulling his hair and his scalp towards me.  The beast taking its skin, mauling his flesh, leaving red nail marks as they claw at his nakedness.  The desire for him to be on his knees, face pressed tight to my cunt as his tongue ravishes, devouring my aching flesh, releasing the built up passion from my body to his mouth.

I can feel his devotion, his love, his passion as my body tightens with the need.

He entices me. Draws me in.

Awakens me.


  1. COOEEEEEE.....wakey wakeyyyyy!!! You never fail Kat xxx

  2. Dear Kat,

    I wish that could be me.

    Alas I know it cannot be, instead I can read and dream and hope!

    Yours as always, A x

  3. Wow! Just a few lines are enough to knock down all those walls we though there were so high and solid, Kat.