28 June 2013

Missing the sunrise

It seems a lifetime ago that I was waking up in the mornings, walking the dogs over the deserted dunes watching the sun rise up over them, walking for miles before the town awoke, only the dogs, the birds and the wild rabbits out for their early mornings before being disturbed by the campers, day trippers and holidaymakers.  It is hard to believe that it is only four weeks ago.

Life continues to be busy, hectic. Stressful. Finding the time to do what I enjoy doing, has been difficult.  And even having taken several months away from writing, from doing lots of things, getting back into it hasn't been as easy either.

And as you will know from some of my previous blogs, I have a thing for sunsets (I've posted lots of my own pictures) such as these

but, I also like watching the sunrise too . . .and so . . .here is the one from the early morning dog walk, over the deserted dunes as the sun is just starting to come up.

I love it when it is like this, the first bit of warmth as it hits your skin, opposite to the last bit of warmth that you get from the sun going down.  Sunsets, sunrises can be quite breathtakingly beautiful and while I am looking forward to the ones we shall see in Turkey later this summer, it is always nice when they are closer to home.

We were blessed with some nice weather, which in May for the UK is quite unusual, especially as most of the country was drowning under yet more rain, we were blessed with sun.  Yes it was windy, but there is something quite lovely about watching the sea crashing over the rocks when its more of a stormy day, watching as the spray goes high up into the air and floating off into the breeze.

And I would give anything to be back there right now, walking while the sun rises, down on the beach as the sunsets.  Peaceful. Relaxed. Away from the daily grind and the things which drag us into things that need to be sorted but which are so continually draining.

Still . . .6 weeks and we shall be on the plane.  Going back to one of my favourite places, warmth, a beautiful beach, and beautiful sunsets.  While I won't be seeing many sunrises, or walking the dogs over the dunes, I am sure there will be some chance for some peaceful moments. Surrounded by the mountains, the sea, the beach.  Sometimes you just have to take a step back from the life we are in, back to the basics and what is around us.

Taking time to smell the roses.  I need to do it more often, as I know all too well, life is too short. 

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