15 June 2013

Broken Dream

Your text in the early hours of the morning woke me. 

Woke me from a wonderful and deliciously wicked dream that when I looked at your words, my body was already tingling, was already throbbing, desiring, longing, craving.

I almost had to stop for a moment to check that it had in fact been a dream, the arousal of my body, the way that I was feeling was so real, so deeply felt, that it was hard to believe that that arousal could come from a dream.

And I couldn't help but drift back to the images that had been within my dream only moments before . . .as hands touch, as fingers make their way into the warmth and wetness that the dream created.  I find myself in that moment. Hot. Wet. Aroused.

But I want to go back to that dream.
To you.
To us.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Kat,

    I sense that there is someone who has sparked your words, your desires and needs. Someone who has perhaps come into your life which has in turn bought you back to ours via your words.

    I hope, if there is, he will be all that you want, need and deserve and that he will not let you down. This could make for some interesting writings over the coming weeks ;)

    I do hope so lol

    Yours, as always A x