18 June 2013


She placed them into his briefcase when he wasn't looking, knowing that the next time he would open it, that he would find them.  There was no way of knowing who would be there with him when he did, whether he would be alone . . .or not.  Whether it would be in the office or on the train.

Except, she didn't care. She didn't care who would see, or how he would feel.  She loved the thought of his cheeks burning with humiliation when he opened his briefcase to find them lying there.  She knew what thoughts would pass through his mind, the feelings that would course at speed through his body.  She knew the flash of desire, longing and needing that would reflect in his darkened eyes. 

He walked into the office, greeting his colleagues as he did so, placing the briefcase onto his desk, he opened it while talking to his PA.  As he talked to her, he reached into his brief case to grab the file they were discussing, except his hands found a soft silk.  He felt his cheeks begin to burn as his as he ran his fingers gently over the material.

His eyes began to darken, his body began to react, just as she had known that it would.  He shoved the panties into his pocket and excused himself briefly from the room.  Now that he was alone, he pulled out the silk, her panties. Raising it up to his nose.  He could smell her.  Her scent was there, strong, fragrant yet delectably and undeniably her.

He inhaled deeply, smelling her it made him groan out loud as his hand found its way to his hardening cock.  Her panties, not even her, had an effect on him.  He bunched them up in his hand, drawing in every part of her, before placing them back into his pocket.

He didn't even return to the office, instead calling his PA on his phone as he hastily made his way back to the car.  He knew she would be at home, waiting. And as he smiled at the thought of her, he knew that the spell she had cast on him lured him back.


  1. Isn't it amazing how magic any little detail can be?

    Thanks, lovely post.

  2. It does not take a great deal to spark a whole range of emotions and feelings when you have that connection with your One.

    Dear Kat, I enjoyed this as always.

    Yours, as always, A x