17 June 2013


"There's no such thing as nothing. In every nothing there is a something. In fact there could be everything" Libba Bray - Going Bovine

Nothing IS something, after all. 

Even if we are "nothing" we are still something.

Poor, cheap and bad philosophy maybe and yet maybe there's a grain of truth to it. You'll probably dismiss it and insist, "No, I am nothing." And yet there you sit, in front of the computer, existing.

I mean in a world where things that don't exist actually DO exist by virtue of thinking of can we, you, I or anyone deny the existence of such a truly physical object? (Sorry to call you an object, but you know (hopefully!) what I mean...)

And yet, even if "nothing" does exist by such a definition, it isn't what I want.  Nothing isn't enough, it isn't what I want. I want so much more. More of everything.

And yet, at times, like now for example, it seems as if nothing could be exactly what will be, how it will be and yet I hope that in this nothing, there could be everything.

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  1. Dear Kat,

    I hope that the "nothing" that you may be feeling will turn into something "everything" even if not right now, but in the future.

    Some people are just nothing, and not worth the time of day or even a passing thought. Some people are worth everything, do not waste your time on thinking of something or indeed someone who is nothing short of "nothing".

    Yours, as always, A x