23 July 2013

Creating something perfect.

"The hardest part of creating something from nothing is realising it doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be you." unknown




And that is all that I ask.That someone is just simply who they are.

No fronts, no masks, not hiding behind bravado or fantasy, just simply who they are.  And accepted as such. For all that they are.

None of us are perfect, nothing can ever be perfect, but it can be simple. You can simply be you. I can simply be me. And in together, we can simply be who we are, enabling the other to be who they are.

Yes we may create something from nothing . . .but at least what we create, is what we need. What we want,  of what works for us. It doesn't need labels, it doesn't have to fit into anyone's ideas of what is "right".  It can just be.

And that, is perfect!









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