24 September 2013

Dear Readers - please help vote for this wonderful charity . . .

I am shamelessly plugging a wonderful charity who are currently in 2nd place to win £5000.

NOWZAD are a charity based in Afghanistan and they rescue dogs and cats from the war torn areas, helping those who have been injured or attacked.  What they also do, is help rescue animals that have befriended servicemen from the UK and US and to help get them back home so they can live their lives with those who helped them.

As such, I am asking for you the readers, to take just a minute out of your time to click on this link


to go and vote for Melissa who has just completed a charity ride 

The person with the most votes via Mountain Warehouse will win £5000 and Melissa is donating her £5000 to NOWZAD and the new shelter that they have built to continue to rescue and help some of these animals, some of who are so desperately ill and injured.

Please, PLEASE if you can, take a moment to vote on the link, its literally  a case of clicking a button, putting in your email address (no other personal info) and then clicking on the verification email when they send it.  It is not a scam, just a genuine request to anyone who reads, wherever you are in the world.

Please help :)

Thank you so so much x

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