04 September 2013

The dance

In that moment the world ceased to exist. It was just you and IThe way my hands touched your face, the way your lips felt under mine, inhaling your breath as it mingled and became my own.  Lips gently moulding to the curves of my neck, in a brief moment, but not everlasting, we danced as one.

Bodies pressed close together in an erotically intimate sway as the music played, our first dance, yet also our last. We guided each other, watching each other, touching each other, devouring as if we somehow knew that this is all it would be, but would we have danced it differently had we known that was really what it was?

It ended too quickly. The music. The dance.  

1 comment:

  1. *sigh* I understand this one all too well. The dance, the music will always live on in my memory, though. At least I have that. :)