12 April 2017

Purge yourself

"Sometimes you've got to let everything go - purge yourself.  If you are unhappy with anything . . .whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it.  Because you'll find that when you're free your true creativity, your true self comes out."
Tina Turner

There are things, which are at times, easier said than done, and purging is one of those things.

We may see something isn't right, we may feel that something is toxic, we can even see the damage that things or people may be causing to ourselves, to our lives, to our own sense of wellbeing, but even seeing all of that, purging isn't all that easy.

Does purging really bring that sense of freedom?

Perhaps, when you've allowed yourself to be free from all the toxicity, when you've allowed yourself to recover from the negative and allow the positivity to flow back into life. 

When you really have let go.

There are things I'm letting go of, things that need to be placed into a box because there's no need for them to see light of day anymore, there's no need for me to carry them any longer.

It's time to let go.  It's time to purge.  I have a clarity of my own thoughts that I've not had for a while.

I'm letting go. Happily. 

It's time to let go, it's time to be free, it's time for oh, so much more.


  1. Great points in reply to Ms. Turner's quote. (I think to be honest, Tina did not always take her own advice.....probably for the reasons you cited.)

    In some ways, 'purging' is fine...but it is NOT always possible. And sometimes it is the equivalent of running from an issue rather than facing it.

    (Good blog BTW.)

    1. Thank you kdpierre, for your comments and welcome to the blog!

      Best, Kat