23 December 2011

To the robbing scum!

 . . .to the complete and utter total bastards who burgled the family home during the night last night, two days before Christmas. . . I hope you fucking rot in hell!!

Such people are really the scum of the earth with absolutely NO thought to the effects that their actions may bring.

Not the fact that they have taken things, that they take presents bought for family and children . .  .not the fact that they leave the property damaged . . .but also the fact that they leave the place feeling violated.

That they take personal possessions with such sentimental value, the watch my brother had for his birthday, the last thing that my Mum had a part in buying for his birthday knowing that she wouldn't be alive to see it. . .personal items, wallets, money, phones . . .just help yourselves you low lifes!!!

They don't think of the effects it has on those who live in the house, of how unsafe they are left feeling.  That feeling of being violated in such an awful way.

The police say it took them probably less than 30 seconds to break into the house via the french doors, before the dogs disturbed them enough to run . . .


I wish I believed in the thought of karma biting them in the ass . . .fucking scum!


  1. Wow, that is utterly heartless. I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you and your family.

    Mistress Aimee

  2. Oh, no! I"m ever so sorry to hear this.


  3. I am sorry to read that. Happened to me recently and your description of the violation i can relate to. Hope you can get this sorted. Burglar alarms may add some comfort and we have just had one fitted and i sleep better at night now. Best wishes and happy xmas.

  4. Wow, So sorry to hear of your misfortune. You are so right, apart from the deed itself it is the after effects which are the worst. The feeling of violation, not feeling secure in your own private space.

    I had a similar experience a few years back, I was in between places to stay and had a lot of my personal stuff in my truck.

    I had just received a large cash payment of money owed to me about $4k after a period of surviving from $20 to $20. Long and short: they got lucky, I had fallen asleep in a friends house being exhausted and when I woke the truck had been broken into and the new Laptop I used for work online, and the money gone!

    That nearly took it out of me but I was damned if i would let them get the better of me. Still stings when I think about it and it has been 4 years. It set me back about two years as the $$ was going into a business deal which would have profited me enough to move up in other stuff. But not having a laptop nor any money to invest I struggled.

    I am barely getting to where I would have been a few months after that and who knows where I would be now.
    Just know one thing, whom ever did it, they will get theirs even if it is not from you. That is just how it works.
    One Last TIP: 80% of homebreak-ins are someone the homeowner knows! Maybe not close, but could be neighbor? Or a neighbors guest? Someone who did work at the house recently? Who knew you wouldn't be there? Or had a view to see when you were not?

    Take the emotion out of it and think. We never know what others are going thru & if they see a window of opportunity,never know. Xmas and down on their luck? Gambling problem? Drug abuse problem?
    Good Luck.