16 June 2013


I don't  want to touch you with gentle hands
Or talk to your with a soft gentle voice.
I don't want to look at you with softness or love.
I want you to see my darkness. To pull you into
the dark and depraved. I want you to feel the desires
that engulf me, overwhelm me, that fills my veins.
The ones that exist in the darkest corners of my psyche.
I want to strip you bare. Taking down the walls that keep you safe.
I want you to feel what I do; as I do. Battling against a
darkness and desire that takes you down to the lowest of places.
I want to rape your body, to rape your mind.
To hurt your heart with cruel words that squeeze it
with their harshness. I want my hands to tear at your your body,
raking nails over the softness of your naked flesh.
Taking you, hurting you, marking you right through to
the depths of you, through to your soul.
I want you to feel the beast that lives inside of me, to see it,
feel it, crave it. Love it. To open the door of its cage,
to set it free, so that it can be unleashed upon you.
You opening the door to be a willing victim. A victim,
to be taken, broken. And yet still beg for more.


  1. Dear Kat,

    This touches me in a way that leaves me breathless, longing, wanting. Craving things I have never even craved before.


    Yours, as always A x

  2. That was absolutely breathtaking.

    Beautiful words, A.