25 February 2011

50th day of denial.

Those who read my blog will know as far as the boy is concerned I do not count the days for which he has been denied. 

I have written previously about my thoughts and feelings on chastity and denial, why I like it and why it is (and always will be) a part of any relationship.  So I do not count how long I deny the boy for.

He does. 

And sometimes he will let me know "in passing" (although I know it is intentional) just how long it has been.

He did that today.

"the boy would also like to thank you for his 50th day of denial, to be denied by you is a wonderful feeling ! "

"50th day. Is that all? lol"

"It feels like 3 months Mistress"

"Feels like 3 months? Well the boy may well  know what it is like to be denied for 3 months. After all not much longer to wait"



What is the boy expecting?

Does he want a medal? Does he want sympathy? Does he want a standing ovation?  Does he want an orgasm for being such a good boy?

It wouldn't have been 50 days if he had behaved as he should.  It wouldn't have been 50 days if he hadn't backchatted. It wouldn't have been 50 days if when given the chance to orgasm he then said he felt he didn't deserve to because he had been disrespectful.

So, while I may have denied him. It is his own fault it is 50 days. 

On a side note, 50 days without a device being in place is some achievement.  The boy had lots of chances to touch and edge last weekend to increase his levels of frustration.  But 50 days. The way the boy handles this extended denial despite the levels of frustration I know he feels does please me.  I am pleased with how he has accepted my control over his release, over when he can or cannot touch and I know that I push him hard beyond times many people would be able to "cope" with.

I wonder if he still regrets saying how much he wanted to explore long term denial?


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