06 March 2011

It never rains but it pours

It never rains but it pours.

A proverbial phrase.

Meaning When troubles come they come together.

And it has certainly been a few days, if not more of when things are "coming together". Not all of them are troubles.  Not all of them are troublesome.  In fact some of them are simple distractions or minor irritations.  Things that happen and they are just something which is an extra irritant, and just unwanted on top of the more major things going on or which need resolving.

Still, this is life. This is the way it is.  This is the way we learn coping skills, of getting through situations that we need to.  It is in facing such things that we learn what we need to do to take control of situations and to resolve them.

There are lots of things going on right now.  The forthcoming holiday in May for my son and I to the US is on the line.  The "dog sitter" has let me down despite everything being in place for 2 months and as such I now have to find alternative arrangements for the furry boys ~ what an irritation we can do without!   There have been issues at work. Commission flow has eased at a time when it is needed.  The boiler is definitely on its last legs and is going to take several thousand £'s to sort out. 

And then there are the family things going on which are the troublesome things.

It is approaching the anniversary of the death of my mum, the void of her not being in my life is something that is certainly felt very much every day.  In fact, it is just over 2 years that we first heard of her having terminal cancer.  It is something that still plays very heavily on my mind (and my heart) and was the reason that I took so much time away from wanting anything in terms of relationship wise, (with hindsight I wish I'd not bothered to come back from that time out, but we live and learn!)  And I've had 3 weeks of non stop migraines just to add to the mix, with some concerning health issues relating to them which give cause for concern.

So, while the sun  may be shining right now, its "pouring" in other ways or so it seems. 

Still.  These things are sent to try us. 

It can make you want to bury your head in the sand.  Except we all know in reality, that doesn't solve anything at all. 

I am NOT an ostrich.

I know all too well that things will sort themselves out.  That I will sort all of the things that I need to, in the way that I need to.  Just in the way I always have done and do . . .I have always relied on myself to sort such things that I may have faced. 

But isn't it just crap when it seems to all happen at once?

Still, I am glad I am as far from an ostrich as it gets.

I am glad that I have the control within my life to take control of such situations and resolve them positively, taking the action that I need to, when I need to.  And this is why, even if there are troubles, "blips" or minor irritations, I know that things will get resolved and sorted. It is just real crap you can do without. 

But then, life is like that too at times.  There's always crap you can do without.  But, even amongst the crap, there is always hope, things that happen which give you that hope, people that give you that hope. 

Knowing that we will move forward, knowing that there is so much ahead, things to look forward to, it makes it all worth while. 

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