08 April 2014

Fuck you!

"Fuck you!" he recoiled inside at these words daring to escape from his lips.

Her hand pulled back and struck him hard across he face, leaving him stunned and shocked and his mind fighting the depths of the space that her slap could send him to. 

She looked at him, coldly. His eyes had darkened from fear.  He knew he had gone too far. He had pushed her too far.  She had been teasing him, tormenting him, urging him, but his reaction from frustration had stepped over a line which her slap had immediately taken him back beyond.

Her fingers wrapped themselves around his throat, tightening, his life in her hands as she brought him up to her, bringing him up to his knees.  Her beast saw the darkness that enshrouded his normal clear blue eyes and she relished the fear he was feeling. She delighted and revelled in his predicament, the fear that he felt, the feeling that his heart was being crushed under the weight of those two words.  She knew she had pushed him, but still! 

"No! Fuck you!" She whispered into his ear letting out a somewhat evil chuckle which she knew made his fear grow even more. She wasn't angry at him, but she would make him pay for his words.

"I forgot myself." He began to plead.

She intended to make him remember.

Remember his place. Remember the line that he had crossed.

He wouldn't forget again. 

She shoved him to the ground, pushing his forehead to the floor which made him raise his ass into the air. Slapping the inside of his thighs to force them apart. The sting on her soft skin of her palms knowing that it was stinging him. He flinched each time she slapped him, the pain beginning to increase, his skin reddening from a pattern if red lines from her outstretched fingers.

He felt the burn, her unending slaps against the soft flesh of his inner thighs, fingers occasionally catching his cock making him gasp and flinch even more. He daren't cry out, fearing that it would unleash the beast.  That it would make her want to hurt him even more.

He feels nails and fingers clawing at his naked ass, assaulting him, scratching him. Burning. Stinging. Hurting. 

His fingers grabbing the carpet his head burying trying to find relief in the softness of the pile. His ass still raised an easy target for her ongoing assault of his body. He was not going to forget crossing that line. She would make sure of that!

Her fingers moving over the curves of his ass, probing between the cheeks as she feels his muscles begin to tighten, his attempt at preventing an intrusion into his body. She slapped him again telling him to relax the muscles and just as he did so two fingers forced their way into the depths of him. He gasped, he cried out, his pleadings awakening her beast as she pushed further into him. 

His hands dug into the carpet, his breathing fast and shallow as his body reacted to this intrusion. 

"Fuck you?" She said

"No! Fuck you!"

As her fingers pushed in and out of him. Fingers assaulting him, clawing, fucking him. Pain starting to arouse him, as she took what was hers to take. Pounding him with her fingers, deeper and harder, the beast willing her on along with his gasps, moans and pleading. His words of sorry were not enough. And she deftly increased the fingers that entered him, and as she filled him, her whole hand forced into him, she left him with no doubt that he had pushed her too far.

She fisted him, deeply. No care for his begging, not hearing his pleading, not hearing the "sorry" that gasped from his lips. And so she fucked him.

This wasn't about him. This was about her. This was about his place. Him knowing that place but more so not forgetting that place that he done so momentarily before. 

His cock was hard, pre-cum dripped from it, and she knew despite the pain, despite the intrusion in his body that he was close to orgasm. She stopped, her fist still inside him as she felt his muscles clamp against her. "You don't deserve that. You're not going to cum".

She removed herself slowly from his depths. Wiping her hand over him.  Shoving him aside as she turned and left him there to go shower.  She knew that he would come crawling to her, begging for her forgiveness.  She knew that he would thank her for reminding him of his place. Knew that he wouldn't forget it.

"Fuck you?" she whispered into his ear. 

"No.  Fuck you!"


  1. Kat, I remember doing something similar. The words in my head and they jumped out of my mouth.

    I was devastated. Crushed.

    This resonated with me - a lot!

    Yours as akways, A x

  2. "FUCK ME"!

    No one compares to you Kat, no one has the ability to have a male trembling in fear yet hard and extremely aroused by that fear!