16 September 2011

Breathless and wanting

The club is busy. 

But then it is a friday night, and it is one of the reasons why I decided to bring you here on this particular time. You are unsure. Hesitant of what lies before you.  But the fears that you have create a desire within your mind. A desire which your body clearly shows.

"We'll have a great time" I had told you, not really trying to reassure you, but just making a statement as we had walked in several hours before. 

And now I'm sat there wondering where you have wandered off to, although not overly bothered that you have left me alone.  I am comfortable in my own company.  I am comfortable in the company of people who I do not know.  I do not feel a need to talk if I don't want to.  I don't feel that I have to.  I am content with people watching. 

And that is exactly what I had been doing since you had gone for your roam around.  I enjoy this time out and I know that you cannot do anything while you are securely locked in the confines of your chastity device. And the little fluffy white towel that I have allowed you to wear over it, for now at least, covering that, keeping at bay the humiliation you would feel if someone were to discover what lay beneath.

I privately had hoped that someone would discover it, from touching you without your permission and wondered how you would react.

I smiled at that thought as I lower myself into the water. 

The bubbles from the jacuzzi relaxing me to a point where I'm quite happy if you don't rush back anytime soon.

After all, you've just brought me to an intense and wonderful orgasm with your tongue while I ignored your administrations while sucking another man's cock.  Your arousal limited by the constraints of the device, I had heard you groan more than once with the frustration but also the discomfort of your own arousal, something which only heighted my own.

The wonderful liberating feelings of doing what you want, when you want and with who you want. Even if those "who" aren't known.  No care in the world.  No worries as to what anyone else may think or feel.  And how such kinky, wild or even outrageous sex can be so self-actualising.  That it can cause you to lose all traces of self-consciousness.  That you can lose who you are in that moment, but can be who you are. Be who you want to be.  No worries. No judgement.  And that at the heart of every wild sexual thing that you may do, is that you can be yourself.  That you can lose your ego.  That you lose any self-consciousness and can be who we are. Freely and unobstructed.

I sink lower into the water feeling the warm bubbles against my naked skin, I sigh as I lean my head back, closing my eyes for a short while.

I am lost in my relaxation.

Not oblivious to the others that share the jacuzzi with me.  Not totally oblivious to the girl next to me giving the man she is with a blow job in the water.  Her head bobbing up and down, coming up for air every so often, or his hands on top of her head forcing her down under the jets of water to take him into her mouth and throat more deeply, with her forcing her face to the surface gasping for air.  A look of fear on her face each time he holds her down harder and for longer.  The look of fear, the way he forces her makes my own body stir.

I am not totally oblivious to her hand that is gently moving up and down my leg while she sucks him and neither am I oblivious to his hands playing with my now erect nipples as he twists them, pulls them and flicks them.  I keep my eyes closed for extended periods of time, allowing my body to sink into the feelings that my own body brings as it reacts to the administrations of this unknown couple. 

Unashamedly, I do nothing to stop either of them.  Instead, I relax into the feelings, sighing deeply as her fingers reach into the depths of my arousal.  Her fingers are long and slender, but do not take long to find how to bring me to a gentle orgasm. 

The jacuzzi comfortably holds 15, maybe even 20, but there are 8 or 10 of us in there at the most.  The girl and myself; the only females.

My eyes wander to the rather interesting scene playing out before me.  A grey haired man, probably in his late 40's maybe early 50's but certainly well toned for his age stands up, tentatively stepping over the entangled legs and feet that are in his way as he makes his way to stand behind the other girl.  

My eyes quickly glance over his face, his body.  My eyes meeting his own as we exchange glances and smiles.  His cock is erect, hard, and I can clearly see the veins running through it.  I find myself drawn to him, something about the way that he moves without word.  Purposefully. His cock certainly looks good enough to suck, I can certainly imagine taking him deep into my mouth.

But as those thoughts go through my head and in turn through the rest of my body I decide that it is something for later, certainly when my "wandering friend" has returned.  After all, it isn't something that I would want him to miss out on. 

I watch as the older man stands behind the girl lowering himself slowly as his cock enters into her with force as she is taken completely by surprise by this intrusion into her body. She comes up quickly from the cock she is sucking. Her fingers working furiously inside of me.  She gasps, groans and moans.  I do the same and move to allow her easier access to the depths of me as she furiously moves her fingers in and out of me, rubbing against my clit that is stood to attention at the wonderful feelings that her fingers bring to me.

The guy she is with, looks up as he watches this unknown man pumping hard into his partners cunt.  She is struggling for balance until the older guy grabs her shoulders to steady her.

"Fuck her hard man" the guy next to me says, "Fuck her and use her however you want to.  Fuck her like the dirty slut that she is".

The man certainly does so, forcing his cock in and out of her, pushing her down into the water, she tries to maintain her sucking of her own guy's cock.

His words resonate in my head.

I look at him.

His voice brings shivers to me. I do not know if they are good or bad.  But there is something about his voice, the way he talks, the way he grants a complete stranger permission to use his partner in this way.  I recognise the voice from earlier and I continue to watch him as he turns to face me.

I am struggling to place him, struggling for recognition, yet I know that he isn't completely unknown to me.  And then he turns to me and whispers "It's my turn to play with you now, except this time I get to see your face". 

And I smile.  And I blush as I smile.

As it all falls into place.

I know that he was the same man that had stood behind me, playing with my body when I had forced my partner against the wall while I devoured his mouth with my own. 

We had been locked in a moment of breathless kissing, my teeth biting his lips, my tongue forcing its way deep into his mouth as I forced his head against the wall.  He on the other hand had touched me from behind.  His hands had forced their way between my legs, around my body, twisting and pinching my nipples so hard they hurt, playing with me all the time that I was locked in a kiss.  He had brought me to a fast and furious orgasm, I felt my own juices running down my thighs as he whispered thank you into my ear before he had walked away. 

I hadn't seen his face.

He hadn't seen mine.

And when I had turned to see who it was, it was impossible to know from the small group of people that had stood and witnessed my orgasm stolen by a complete stranger which one he was.  I scanned the room for any clue.

Except there wasn't one.  I didn't even know who this person was who had stolen such a wonderful orgasm from my body. 

But now, several hours later, I knew exactly who it was.

He pulled his girl towards him, the man still pumping into her. He kissed her deeply before turning away from her handing her over to this rather sexually adept guy and kissed me in exactly the same way.

I am left breathless.

Breathless and wanting. 

Breathless and wanting him.

Wanting him. Desiring him. Needing him.

He doesn't say anything as he looks at me. He simply grins. And I want to slap him and hurt him. But I want to kiss him, and hurt him and fuck him. And I want him to take me and use me and fuck me and to force another orgasm from me. 

Although this time, I want him to do it while I look into the depths of his eyes.  They draw me in. Our eye contact lasts as he moves towards me.

He remains silent.

And my body is doing things that it shouldn't be. And I am thankful that my own arousal is washed away with the warm waters of the jacuzzi and the bubbles that continue working their way around my body.

He leans against the back of the tub with one of his arms, and looks at me still grinning.  I am determined not to break his gaze.  I don't want to look down at the hard cock that I can feel against my leg.  I know it is there. I can feel it. I remember how it felt from earlier. 

In fact, I remember far too well.

His hands are on me now. 

One of them pushing the hair back from my face, the other deftly sliding over my body, between my legs, over my breasts, fingers pinching my nipples, twisting them, hurting them.  I groan deeply as he twists them harder.  One of my hands is pressing against his cock and I can tell that he likes it as I begin to tease him. 

He moves now. Sitting wide legged. He pulls me closer and without thought or hesitation I am on his lap.

And the water is bubbling furiously around us. And I don't know who guided his hardness into me, but I know it was me that kissed him furiously, biting and sucking his lips, drawing blood as I do so. And his hands grip my ass tightly as he pulls me down around him, I feel his pelvic bone hard against me as he forces me down further, pushing his cock deeper inside.  And the water and the bubbles splash around us.

And I'm breathless.

Breathless and wanting.

Breathless and wanting him. 

And his girl is watching us now. And the guy fucking his girl is watching us now.  And the other people in the jacuzzi are watching us now. 

And I am screaming into his mouth as I fuck him and I don't notice the people around us, the people stood watching us.  And I don't care that they are stood there watching us.  And I don't care that I am screaming into his mouth. And I don't care that he is fucking me and I am being brought to a most intense orgasm by a complete stranger when only mintues before, one was stolen from me by his girl.  And I don't care that I don't even know his name as he forces me down with such force onto his cock that I can feel him deep, deep within me.  And I don't care that he is pulling my hair as I devour his mouth with my own.

And I am remembering the orgasm he stole from me earlier. And his hands are around me. And I'm pushing down onto him, harder and faster and I cannot believe I am about to orgasm once again.

And I bury my face into his neck, biting and sucking hard into the pale skin and his fingers are sliding around my ass, finding their way between the cheeks. And oh god, he remembers from earlier just what happens when his fingers find their way into my ass.

And I am breathless.

Breathless and wanting.

Breathless and wanting as I fuck him. As he finger fucks my ass. One finger, then two and I am forcing myself down onto his cock to feel him, but at the same time forcing myself down onto his fingers that are now deep within me.  And my heart is racing fast, and my breathing is shallow, and my long nails dig into his skin, scratching him. Hurting him.  And I feel hands all over my body, not just his. But his girls.  And the hands of the man that was fucking his girl.

And there are hands and mouths on my neck and back. And there are hands on my breasts and on my body.  And his cock is still hard within me. And he is kissing me, kissing my neck, holding me, whispering things to me about what else he wants to do to me.  And I am riding him harder and faster.  And there are hands and mouths and bodies everywhere.

And I am lost to the waves of orgasm that course through my body.  As I look up from his neck to see the grey haired guy stood behind me.  And he whispers into my ear

"It's my turn now" as his cock forces his way into my ass.

And I remember how beautiful his cock had looked before he had taken the girl from behind. But now here I am, two cocks pumping in, tearing me apart, stretching my insides.  And the girl is sucking and playing with my nipples and I am fucking and being fucked.

And wave after waves of orgasm courses through my body and as they do so, I look up and see you have returned. 

And you are stood there looking at me, a look of surprise but deep arousal upon your face.  The towel tied around your naked body.  And I know that your cock is forcing against the constraints of the device. And I can make the outline out from behind the towel. 

And you are drinking in all that is playing out before your eyes.  Watching the guy I am sat upon, the guy who is fucking me deeply from behind, the girl who is sucking on my nipples where you had been only a short time ago. And the hands of the others playing with any vacant body part and skin that they can touch. 

And I can see your arousal.  And it arouses me even more.

And I am breathless.

Breathless and wanting.


As he fucks me harder. As she sucks me harder. And as I feel the cocks inside of me coming to the brink of yet another orgasm, my juices mingling with the bubbles of the jacuzzi.  My screams being lost amongst the voices of "fuck her harder", "fuck her deeper", "fuck her ass" and they are fucking me harder and deeper.  And as they steal another orgasm from the depths of my body, their own being given to me.

And we collapse into the water.  And we are breathless. Breathless and spent.  Our bodies all intermingled in the depths of the water.  The bubbles playing havoc with a highly aroused body. Hands gently stroking and touching as we recover from the activity of only moments before.

I turn and look at you stood there, your eyes taking in the scene that has just played out before you.  I smile at you. My eyes beckon you over to join us.  Except I know that you are hesitant in revealing the device which you wear.

I raise my eyebrows and you know that I am losing patience in waiting for you. But I can see the battle going on in your head. The humiliation of people seeing, but your desire to be there with me.

And with that, you remove the towel placing it onto a peg on the wall.  Your eyes lowered as you step gingerly into the water.  Your cheeks flushing with the embarrassment at showing yourself in this way.

"See it wasn't that bad was it?" I ask you as you lower yourself into the water.  I move slightly to the side to allow you to sit next to me.  "But see what you miss out on when you wander off" as I grin at him.  Hands still stroking my body, my own touching bodies but not knowing who it is touching.

I can sense your nervousness. Your arousal. Your longing.  And you are breathless and wanting.

"I really need to remove this device" you whisper into my ear.  "May I?"

"Maybe JoJo. Maybe."

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  1. This is fantastic - one of the most erotic things I have ever read. I shall be back!