12 September 2011

I say goodbye

You were my best friend,
For the first time,
I was completely loved,
I still am.

I saw your heart, Simple & kind,
And I loved you,
Like no other,
I still do.

I thought we were forever,
You and I,
I believed in it again.

I cry for you and I cry for me,
Wishing it was so simple,
As we dreamed it would be.

We now realize,
All of our buried fears.
Heart-breaking disappointment,
Swallows us up in it's tears.
It's too late to look back.

My best friend,
Completely loved.
I say Goodbye,
Still loving you.

1 comment:

  1. what a most powerful image your writing creates. Although it always does, this one is bittersweet.

    I do love your writing.