14 September 2011

Wanting you

Oh, how I want you. All of you. Naked
I strip you, then cover you with my hands. My nails
tracing each line of your body, your muscles flexing beneath
a loving touch.  A breath taken in sharply as I move to kiss you,
getting closer as I steal your air, in turn you make me
breathless. My tongue flicking out against your own, tracing
the outline of your lips before my teeth take hold and bite
gently. I take your air, filling you with the anticipation, consuming
you from the very depths. The laboured breathing of a man
I have excited.  Heavy, dilated and out of control. Just like the beast
that lies within. That lies waiting, waiting to be set free. Waiting
for you to unleash it. Free it, free me. In turn we send ourselves
spiralling into a world of darkness, depravity and beauty.



  1. Greetings! I found your blog through the link on FetLife and just wanted to compliment you on your excellent writing. It's very powerful, evocative, and most importantly heartfelt - which is rare.


  2. Thank you Tom, for your kind words, but also taking the time to leave a comment. It is appreciated and nice to know that there are at least some people brave enough to comment LOL

    Kind Regards, Kat

  3. It's not bravery that drove me to comment - more the feeling of a kindred spirit. I'm a writer myself, so I know what it's like to throw your ideas out into the world and not get a reaction. Whenever I read something well crafted, I like to encourage its creator to continue their endeavours. Write on, fair lady, as you do it very well.