15 March 2012


"I have a stack of deadlines a mile high, but I think I'm also going to sit around with a bottle and just think for a while.  The thinking time is essential.  At least half of all writing involves just sitting and staring into space.  Letting your brain out to hunt down ideas, bringing them back all warm and bloody between its teeth."
Warren Ellis


One of the things that I love to do, that I wish I had more time to do.

One of my loves. My passions.

Sometimes I wish that I had more time to sit around, to let those words form.  That I could sit with a bottle and think.  Letting the words form, creating.

My brain is often out hunting, bringing back the ideas of things that I want to write about, things that I want to muse over.  And yet, finding the time to do so, isn't easy. 

I have lost count of the number of times I have thought "I will write about that . . ." or an idea comes into my head for a piece of writing and then the moment is lost, almost as quickly as it came just because something else has happened and come into the forefront.  I have a whole host of blog entries that are started, but not finished.  One which at the time the words flow, but when the moment is lost, it is lost.  I rarely go back or return to them.

Perhaps I should.

It is frustrating . . .really it is.

Time is so precious, and yet, it seems there isn't enough of it to do the things that we really want to do.  Or at least there isn't for me.  There certainly hasn't been during recent weeks.

Work.  Home. Illness. "Life" all of the things that often get in the way.  All of the things that can stop us doing the things that we want to.  Deadlines built up at work, which meant that the pressure is on.  Which means that work overflows into after hours, which means everything else starts to build up and the things that I love to do, slowly work their way down the list, getting moved to the bottom of the pile.

But I also love the thinking time.  I love the time that I can sit, play with words, with thoughts, with images, the creative juices flowing.

Thankfully, there has been a little time of late, a chance to get back into writing, a chance to let the brain out hunting, a chance to take that time to think, to sit and stare into space. And enjoying a bottle while doing so!



  1. I happen to think writing can be very therapeutic. However in my opinion, the thinking time you refer to and time spent in self-reflection produces far better results...a healing of sorts.


  2. Suzanne,

    Oh I quite agree that it can be. For me, writing has always been therapeutic, I have journalled and blogged for so many years, and I find that often I will sit, reflect but also sit and write with pen and paper and the results can be that same in healing.

    I know for me, it is often a combination, the self reflection with the release through the words.

    Kindest regards and thanks for reading and commenting,